Return of the Dragon Lords¶


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Pathfinder Core Rule Book “aerial” campaign, with zeppelins, elven sky ships, gnomish ornithopters, etc. Firearms are common. “Steam” technology exists. Expect there to be dragons, sooner or later. Character personalities should tend towards siding with the forces of good and fighting the forces of evil.

The world is covered in thick, poisonous fog. The Fog Sea. Lonely mountains pierce this blanket of foul vapors. Several of which house Dwarf Fortresses. The Dwarves also dig deep, deep underground where many subterranean races live, the Darklands. The Vanara Plateau, huge and jungle covered rises sharply from the fog. Home, to the simian Vanara. Higher up than most races can breath are the Elflands, vast floating masses of “land”. The only other known large land mass is home to Kingdom of Arcadia.

In between are smaller Floating islands, Jaggies, Fungal Forestss, and Leviathans. Amongst all of this are the great aerial trade fleets ferrying cargo and passengers along the Air Streams. The characters start on the flagship of one such fleet.

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