Dwarf Fortresses

There are seven known Dwarven Fortresses, or Krama. Each is dug out of the heart of a mountain. Many include extensive “upper works” along the sides of their mountain. Most Krama are ruled by the high chief of the largest and most powerful clan.

Barnslig Krama

N Autocracy
Small City, Population 8,000 (6,000 Dwarves, 1,500 Humans, 500 Others)
Corruption +1; Crime +4; Economy 0; Law -5; Lore +2; Society -4
Base Value 2,400 gp; Purchase Limit 37,500 gp; Casting Limit 6th

Notable NPCs

Dam Järnbaka, Dansa (dw)

Barnsvik is jungle covered and only 1200’. But it and the nearby Jaggies are rich in precious metals and gems. Making Barnslig a bit of a boom town and attracting a higher than normal number of non-Dwarves. Bringing with them a degree of crime and lawlessness that is unusual for a Dwarven settlement.

Dam Dansa Järnbaka (ironback clan) has managed, so far, to juggle the outside influences, dangerous neighbors and influx of wealth. But this small Krama is straining under the pressures.

Trade Moot

In addition to what may be found via Base Value a few choice magic items are available.

Cost Item
11,250gp Wand “Lightning bolt”
12,000gp Ring of the Troglodyte
12,700gp Ring of Chameleon Power
27,500gp Manual of Quickness of Action +1
85,800gp Staff of Earth and Stone

Fargglad Krama

LG Martial Law
Large City, Population 23,000 (22,500 Dwarves, 500 Other)
Corruption 0; Crime -3; Economy -4; Law +11; Lore +2; Society -3
Base Value 3,200 gp; Purchase Limit 25,000 gp; Casting Limit 7th

Notable NPCs

Kommendör Dräpafair, Asunda (dw)
Präst Jägarejord, Greun (dw)

Fargglad Krama is spread across several low (400’-900’), ice capped mountains in the far south. The small upperworks belies vast underground which house the largest population of Dwarves outside Hensvik Krama. The Krama runs deep, reaching into the deep caverns that Dwarves call Darklands. Fargglad Dwarves have been at war with denizens of these Stygian depths for generations. The dark Elf, Drow, being their constant nemesis.

Kommendör Asunda Dräpafair (feyslayer clan) used an ancient covenant to declare martial law when Drott Ladi Jägarejord (earthhunter clan) fell in battle. It was a desperate act in a desperate moment. But many including Greun Jägarejord, Son of Ladi and high priest, saw it as a grab for power. Both sides, when not simply trying to survive, woo the third largest clan, Brahammare (good hammer).

The nearby Southern Elves are no friends. Intermittently raiding and blockading this Krama. Attacks spurred by elven factions that see the Drow as cousins. Fargglad Dwarves are deeply intolerant of Elves and Half-Elvesk and not too happy about any of the other races either. They have been besieged for too long and see the world in terms of us vs them.

Trade Swap

What little is for sale via Base Value is supplemented by the following.

Cost Item
11,250gp Wand of “Keen Edge”
18,000gp +3 Longspear
26,000gp Spectral Shroud
32,000gp +4 Heavy Crossbow

Gösig Krama

LN Autocracy
Large Town, Population 4,950 (4800 Dwarves, 150 Others)
Corruption -2; Crime -2; Economy +0; Law +5; Lore +0; Society -3
Base Value 1,000 gp; Purchase Limit 10,000 gp; Casting Limit 5th

Notable NPCs

Drott Långtgruvar, Tivid (dw)

Gösig is a hard place. On a large 2600’, nameless mountain, southernmost of the Dragon Spires chain. Whose dangers are a constant threat. The land above is arid, freezing in winter and deadly hot in summer. This small colony of Dwarves are even tougher than most.

Ruled fairly by Tivid of the Långtgruvar (far miner) clan. Who’s grandfather brought his clan from Hensvik Krama, by air! Seeking a new life, free from political manoeuvrings, where all men were equal, and their worth counted by their deeds and not by their clan’s name.

On the less traveled outer Northern Air Stream. Which suits Gösig dwarves just fine. They choose to shut themselves off from the world. Their upperworks being little more than a single zeppelin dock and a pair of tremendous Adamantine doors.


In addition to all that is available via Base Value the following magic items are available.

Cost Item

Hensvik Krama

LG Council
Metropolis, Population 42,000 (39,000 Dwarves, 2,000 Gnomes, 1,000 Humans)
Corruption +3; Crime +4; Economy +6; Law +8; Lore +4; Society +7
Base Value 9,600 gp; Purchase Limit 110,000 gp; Casting Limit 9th

Within and on the covered peaks of Smyg & Spöka. Smyg towers 3400’ above The Fog Sea and its little brother, Spöka, which reaches a respectable 2700’. Jungle blankets their flanks until around 2500’. Legend has it that the Lord Under the Mountain created the first Dwarves deep under these peaks. A male dwarf under Smyg and a female under Spöka. Who immediately began digging towards each other. Meeting at the Cavern of Creation and, er, begetting the Dwarven race.

Hensvik is too large for a single clan’s chief to rule. Instead a council of five is elected from the major clans; Adamantjärt (adamantine heart), Brahammare (good hammer), Diamanthjärt (pure heart), Gråspår (gray tracker), Jägarepärla (gem hunter), Kraschsten (stone smasher), Ovänkrossa (foe crusher).

Hensvik Krama is connected by tunnel to nearby Trogen Krama and to the Darklands, the deep caverns that worm their way through the earth.

Notable NPCs

Råd Adamantjärt, Boksel (dw)
Råd Ovänkrossa, Klingsbo (dw)
Råd Brahammare, Hemnes (dw), brother of Isala
Råd Brahammare, Isala (dw), brother of Hemnes
Råd Kraschsten, Strind


In addition to all that is available via Base Value the following magic items are available.

Cost Item
25gp Arcane Scroll “Endure elements”
25gp Arcane Scroll “Disguise self”
25gp Arcane Scroll “Mage armor”
2,125gp Arcane Scroll “Symbol of pain”
700gp Divine Scroll “Neutralize poison”
3,000gp Divine Scroll “Dimensional lock”
50gp Potion “Cure Light Wounds”
50gp Potion “Sanctuary”
50gp Potion “Endure Elements”
300gp Potion “Ablative Barrier”
300gp Potion “Blur”
300gp Potion “Protection from arrows”
750gp Potion “Magic Fang, Greater”
5,400gp Rod of Thunderous Force
8,000gp +1 Longbow with one +1 special ability
8,910gp Morlock Hide Armor
12,000gp Steelhand Circle
24,000gp Amulet of Bullet Protection +4
28,600gp Staff of Acid
40,000gp Ring of Freedom of Movement

Lömsk Krama

NG Theocracy
Large City, Population 18,000 (12,000 Dwarves, 5,000 Humans, 1,000 Other)
Corruption -1; Crime +1; Economy +4; Law +4; Lore +5; Society +3
Base Value 3,200 gp; Purchase Limit 35,000 gp; Casting Limit 9th

Notable NPCs

High Präst Diamanthjärt, Samla (dw)
Doyen Odo Tuckoun (hu), Chief mage of the College of Magics

Lömsk is a site holy to many and a center of arcane research and learning to others. Location of an ancient and tremendously large city, Besta. The towers of which reach above the The Fog Sea. Other than a few living in these towers, majority of population lives on and in 3300’ Bestavik.

Temples, arcane societies, trinket dealers are all found in abundance. Several monastic orders originate from Lömsk. As does the great College of Magics.

Samla Diamanthjärt (pure heart) is the Dwarven world’s most revered religious leader. Head of their church. And as such rules Lömsk, at least within the Krama. The large human population mostly lives on Bestavik and much occurs there counter to Samla’s wishes. Doyen Odo Tuckoun is the nominal leader of the surface of Lömsk.

Many projects are underway exploring the ruins of this city. But progress is slow. Exploration being extremely dangerous and due to the divergent goals (veneration, study, exploitation) of those funding the expeditions.

Cold and snowy during winter. From spring through summer the slopes of Bestavik burst with wild color as hundreds of plants begin blooming

High above is the Elven outpost of Orophor. Built here to study the arcane mysteries of Besta. And to spy on the other races according to popular belief.


In addition to all that is available via Base Value the following magic items are available.

Cost Item
300 gp Potion “Acute Senses” (2nd)
300 gp Potion “Bear’s Endurance” (2nd)
750 gp Potion “Fly” (3rd)
750 gp Potion “Rage” (3rd)
150 gp Arcane Scroll “Mirror Image” (2nd)
1,125 gp Divine Scroll “Righteous Might” (5th)
1,600 gp Dust of Acid Consumption
9,000 gp Pearl of Power (3rd)
4,000 gp +1 Heavy Steel Shield with one +1 Special Ability
9,000 gp +3 Full Plate
11,250 gp Wand of “Animal Aspect, Greater” (3rd)
18,950 gp Staff of Fire
47,000 gp Staff of Dark Flame
70,000 gp Ring of Wizardry III

Trogen Krama

LN Autocracy
Small City, Population 8,300 (7,600 Dwarves, 700 gnomes)
Corruption +2; Crime 0; Economy +4; Law +4; Lore +3; Society +1
Base Value 3,000 gp; Purchase Limit 42,500 gp; Casting Limit 6th

Notable NPCs

Drott Jägarepärla, Akurum (dw)
Master Builder Sootnose Fragmilocioustonson (gn)

Home to the Jägarepärla (gem hunter) clan. Jungle covered flat 2400’ Togenvik is most known for the huge zeppelin hanger dug into its side. Although, dwarves do not like to fly they are happy to build aerial vehicles for others. And none build them better than Trogen Dwarves and their Gnome allies.

A tunnel connects Trogen to Hensvik Krama.


In addition to all that is available via Base Value the following magic items are available.

Cost Item

Vandring Krama

LN Autocracy
Small City, Population 7,600 (7,500 Dwarves, 100 Gnomes)
Corruption +2; Crime -3; Economy +4; Law +5; Lore +3; Society +3
Base Value 3,000 gp 12,000gp armor and weapons; Purchase Limit 42,500 gp; Casting Limit 4th

Notable NPCs

Dam Mitralknota, Förhöja (dw)

Small Vandring Krama, lies mostly underground, within active volcano, Brandöaring. Its surface being a barren, inhospitable landscape.

The ancient clan Mitralknota (bones of mithral), led by Dam Förhöja, has tamed Brandöaring. Bending its awesome natural furnaces to their will. Yielding the greatest works of metal smithing known. Vandring Dwarves spend little time away from the forges. And have become wholly dependant on trade to survive. Which is fine as their goods are in demand everywhere.


In addition to all that is available via Base Value the following magic items are available.

Cost Item