The Fleet

The fleet consists of a large flagship, Mother, and numerous support vessels. Including; several cargo zeppelins which ferry cargo back and forth from mother, gunboats and other escorts, support ships and private vessels. Trades and provides transportation between between Dwarf Fortresses, Elflands, Vanara Plateau, Kingdom of Arcadia, Fungal Forests farmers, and others.

NG Plutocracy “Council of Traders”
Large Town, Population ~2,300 (2,000 humans; 300 others, another ~900 on ancillary ships)
Corruption +2; Crime +2; Economy +5; Law -4; Lore +1; Society -1
Base Value 1,600 gp; Purchase Limit 17,000 gp; Casting Limit 7th

Notable NPCs

Sky Marshal Galled Rode (human) - Ranking Cavalier, Order of the Fleet.
Master Engineer Dramman (gnome) - Keeps the fleet operating.
Vika Smith (half-elf) - Famous armor and weapon smith.

Fleet Markets

Most items can be sold for 1/2 their cost up to 17,000gp.

75% chance to find any magic item for sale that costs 1,600gp or less.

Most any mundane item 1,600gp or less can be found for sale within the markets of the fleet. Items costing more than may or may not be available.

It is possible to find cleric or wizard willing to cast most spells up to 7th level that cost 3000gp or less. The cost is calculated as; caster level × spell level × 10gp + any material component cost.

Spell Caster Casting Cost
0 1 5gp
1 1 10gp
2 3 50gp
3 5 150gp
4 7 280gp
5 9 450gp
6 11 660gp
7 13 910gp

The following magic items are available in the markets of the Fleet. This is addition to what might be available via Base Value.

Cost Item
50gp Potion of Mage Armor
375gp Divine Scroll 3rd Locate Object
375gp Arcane Scroll 3rd Magic Circle vs Chaos
700gp Arcane Scroll 4th Fire Shield
11000gp Voidfrost Robes

Council of Traders

The seven most profitable merchants form The Fleet’s government.

Master Trader Aglo Ringbone (vanar) - He is council member and party monkey.
Master Trader Clabba Bhaktas (human) - She is a council member and all business.
High Priest Drumfire DeCery (human) - He is a council member and as High Priest of Shelya is the ranking religious leader.
Master Trader Hiroki Darshan (human) - He is council member and skilled wizard.
“Lord” “Lord” Rods (dead) (halfling) - He is an obnoxious council member.
Master Trader Proem Dekos (human) - He is council member, brother-in-law of admiral Bracka.
Master Trader Senryu Ozozob (elf) - She is a council member, wizard, and sage.

Fleet Guards

Performs roles of police and military for the fleet. Led by Admiral Bracka who answers to Council of Traders.

Supported by the volunteer Fleet Militia. Delta Squadron.

Admiral Bracka (human) - He runs fleet on behalf of Council. Head of Fleet Guards.
Lt Cesare Borgia (human) - He is one of many Lt of Fleet Guards.
Ensign Wallace Dekos (human) - Young, eager ensign of Fleet Guards.
Quarter Master Clurr (human) - Old, ugly, belligerent. Makes her perfect to keep watch over Fleet’s gear.
Bikels Bronzebottom (gnome) - Old, half clockwork tinker and assistant to QM Clurr.

Order of the Fleet

Cavalier order equivalent to this order established to protect traders and other travelers of the sky. It is fairly common and a chapter house on most trade fleets as well as Arcadia City.

Sky Marshal Galled Rode is the ranking member and runs The Fleet’s chapter.

Vessels of the Fleet

Whaling fleets regularly “stop in” and sail with the the Fleet. Selling their cargoes, providing shoreleave for their crew and restocking.

Many independent ships of all sorts accompany the fleet enjoying its protection and resources.


Not quite floating land, not quite airship. Mother is old and over the ages has grown into an amalgamation of leviathan bone, wood, stone, metal, parts from other ships, and anything else that was handy at the moment. Huge steam driven propellers allow it to slowly reposition itself. Long distance travel is accomplished by riding Air Streams.

As flagship of trade fleet Mother has many and varied cargo holds, moorings for zeppelins, pads and hangers for other vehicles, stables for flying mounts, a prison, the council’s chamber, numerous defensive siege engines. Has plenty of inns, taverns and other entertainments for crew and passenger alike. It also houses the fleets largest market.

Being a cargo trading ship, weight is money and is at a premium. Passengers and residents are taxed on personal belongings > 400lb.

Once the fleet reaches a trade destination. Mother activates gargantuan Immovable Rods, anchoring it in place. Then numerous airships, cargo zeppelins and assorted other craft ferry goods and passengers.

Cargo Zeppelins

Many of these gas filled behemoths ferry cargo and passengers between Mother and trade centers she passes on her slow travels along the Air Streams.

Some are run by independent captains. Most are owned and operated by Councilors and their trading companies.


Operated by the Fleet Guards. Four “Punisher”, “Protector”, “Powerful”, “Pouncer” of these slowish warships provide local defense. Steam prop.

  • bow heavy cannon! (solid)
  • 2x torpedo launchers

Guards Cutter

Fleet Guards “customs” and patrol boats. One mast sailed. Often escort Cargo Zeppelins, patrol around and ahead of fleet, etc. The fleet has six; “Splendid”, “Sprinter”, “Spur”, “Stalker”, “Searcher” and “Swiftsure”.

  • bow light balista (spears)
  • mid heavy balista (spears, nets)
  • fwd 2x torpedo tubes

Guards Corvette

As fast as cutter with much heavier weapons. Two mast sailed. The pair, “Resolute” and “Repulse”, are the backbone of fleet’s defense and rarely are far from it.

  • 3x cannon (solid, chain, pellet) moveable to either broadside
  • 4x bow/mid/mid/stern heavy balista (spears, nets)
  • 1 mid arrow springal
  • siege rockets
  • various drop weapons, hackbutts, and culverns