The Fog Sea

The surface is veiled by a thick, poisonous murk. It thought this evil fog is the result of some curse or cataclysm. There is proof, such as Besta in Lömsk Krama: that the air was clear. Or at least the woeful haze was at one time much lower.

Most people stay well above, 1000’ or more, the Fog Sea.

The Fog

Air breathing creatures within a 100’ of the fog must, every minute, make a DC15 Fort save or become sickened.

Actually breathing the poison laden air:

Poison (inhaled): Save Fortitude DC 20
Frequency: 1/round while in Fog
Effect: 1 Wis damage and confused for 1 round

The Denizens

As if the fog were not enough gargantuan monsters; kraken, 100’ long serpents, and worse, prowl the Fog Sea. Anything elevation of 100’ or below is easily within their hungry grasp.