Majority of elves live on “islands” cluster at the Northern and Southern poles. These islands float at Cirro elevation, 6000-9000’.

Northern Elves

The Northern pole is bathed in continual but weak sunlight. It is a frigid and dry, esp at the elevation of the elves. Yet they manage to thrive. Tending unique flora which provides all the sustenance they require.

Living above the other races else has made elves arrogant and aloof. The Northern Elves are rightfully proud of their elegant airships, shinning cities, arts, crafts and long, impressive history. The enjoy trade and cultural exchanges with other races. Even appreciating Dwarven craftsmanship, if not their actual presence.


CG Conclave of Mages
Metropolis, Population 40,000 (30,000 Elves, 5,000 1/2 Elves, 5,000 Others)
Corruption +1; Crime +4; Economy +6; Law +4; Lore +7; Society +4
Base Value 16,000 gp; Purchase Limit 170,000 gp; Casting Limit 9th

Notable NPCs

Trade Chancellor
Harbor Master

Telemnar is a jewel in the clouds. Filled with wonders both magical and mundane. A work of art as much as a place of trade and home thousands. Most of its elvish residents are as insular and aloof as any. There are a few, esp amongst the large Half-Elf population that a interested bordering on obsession with other races, with new experiences and disdaining the old ways and establised customs

Many traders take the shorter route to Gwindor. But, those that do not are rewarded with the largest, most varied, and profitable markets the world over. If it can’t be found in Telemnar it probably can’t be found.

The trade is not only in physical goods. Few locations can boast a greater store of knowledge than that held within Telemnar’s scriptoriums, colleges, and private collections. All available for a price.

For a few months every winter it is iced in and isolated by treacherous blizzards.


In addition to all that is available via Base Value the following magic items are for sale.

Cost Item
700gp Arcane Scroll “Phantasmal Killer”
700gp Arcane Scroll “Elemental Body I”
2,275gp Arcane Scroll “Control Weather”
4,500gp Wand of “Mirror image”
18,000gp Ring of Spell Storing, Minor
20,000gp Ring of Wizardry I
25,000gp Ring of Evasion
25,000gp +5 Breastplate
49,000gp Bracers of Armor +7
75,500gp Metamagic Rod, Quicken, Normal
82,000gp Staff of Divination


CG Autocracy
Small Town, Population 1,200 (900 Elves, 300 1/2 Elves)
Corruption +0; Crime +0; Economy +1; Law +1; Lore +0; Society +1
Base Value 1,300 gp; Purchase Limit 7,500 gp; Casting Limit 4th

Notable NPCs


Gwindor is little more than a trade outpost. Common jest being it has more warehouses and docks than people. Built on the sides and tops of rocky, cliff like islands. It lies on the shorter, “inner” and more southernly spur of the Northern Air Stream.

Although it gets very cold and receives it share of snow, unlike Telemnar, storms and ice blocking Gwindor’s ports never last more than a few days.


A few items are currently for sale.

Cost Item
25gp Arcane Scroll “Enlarge person”
50gp Potion “Remove Sickness”
50gp Potion “Ant Haul”
800gp Belt of Tumbling
1000gp +1 Chain Shirt
2,000gp +1 Longbow
2,000gp +1 Elven Blade
19,000gp Rod of the Viper
32,000gp +3 Seeking Coposite Shortbow


N Magical
Large Town, Population 2,200 (1,800 Elves, 200 1/2 Elves, 200 Others)
Corruption -2; Crime +0; Economy +0; Law +0; Lore +6; Society -1
Base Value 2,400 gp; Purchase Limit 12,000 gp; Casting Limit 9th

Notable NPCs

High Wizard (1/2 Elf)

Orophor is an artificial island created by northern elves (although several southern elves stay there) so they could have a presence near Lömsk Krama. It is strictly ruled by the High Wizard. Visitors are welcome, esp those with interesting lore to share. Long term residents are not.


Cost Item
300gp Potion “Cure Moderate Wounds”
300gp Potion “Invisibility”
700gp Arcane Scroll “Solid Fog” (4th)
700gp Arcane Scroll “Elemental Body I” (4th)
1,125gp Arcane Scroll “Polymorph”
2,275gp Arcane Scroll “Banishment” (7th)
3,825gp Arcane Scroll “Energy Drain”
2,500gp Goggles of Minute Seeing
9,000gp +1 glamored O-yori heavy Armor
27,000gp Bodywrap of Mighty strikes +3
31,900gp Staff of Electricity

Southern Elves

The southern lands are perpetually dim. Even at high-noon the sun barely rises above the horizon. It is a cold and dark place. A reflection of the elves who claim sovereignty over this land. In contrast to their Northern kin Southern elves care little for gardens. They hunt, kill, and eat meat.

Living above the other races else has made elves arrogant and aloof. The southern elves are even more elitist, bordering on bigoted. On occasion attacking other races. Esp the nearby Dwarves of Fargglad Krama. The only contact and trade they allow non-elves is in the city of Helyanwë.


CN Merchant Syndicates
Large City, Population 14,000 (14000 Elves)
Corruption +5; Crime +4; Economy +6; Law -2; Lore +4; Society +3
Base Value 12,000 gp; Purchase Limit 285,000 gp; Casting Limit 9th

Notable NPCs

Matriarchs and envoys of the Merchant Houses

Helyanwë is the only place one can trade with the Southern Elves. Or, in fact, meet with them on friendly terns. It is not a fun and friendly place for non-elves. It is worse for Half-Elves, who get nothing but disgust from the inhabitants.

Trading with Southern Elves can be as treacherous as being at war with them. The various Merchant Syndicates are constantly cheating, back-stabbing, and openly attacking each other and the poor traders unfortunate enough to be caught up in their intrigues.

Still, it is major port and only elf port on the Southern Air Stream. And the Southern Elves have a few unique commodities that may be sold at a premium. It well known rumor that the coffers of Helyanwë are bottomless and that the Southern Elves can afford to pay any amount.


It is unknown outside of Helyanwë what unique items might be found in its markets.