Known Gods

In addition to those below, any of the Paizo gods (many of which have analogs below) or a deity of your own creation may be chosen.

Diety   Domains Favored Weapon
Dwarven Ancestors LG Community, Good, Knowledge, Protection, Repose Dwarven Waraxe
Lord Under the Mountain LN Earth, Law, Nobility, Strength, War Warhammer
Quetzalcoatl LG Air, Animal, Good, Law, Protection Bola
Eraster God of farming, family, halflings LG Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant Greatclub
Iomedai Goddess of valor, justice, honor LG Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War Longsword
Shelya Goddess of beauty, love, the arts NG Air, Charm, Good, Luck, Protection Glaive
Saren Goddess of sun, healing, redemption NG Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun Trident
Bachus God of fine wine, women and good times CG Chaos, Charm, Good, Luck, Travel Rapier
Lunae Goddess of the moon LN Air, Darkness, Evil, Good, Liberation Scimitar
Rori God of history, knowledge, preservation LN Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Protection Net
Trichon The mechanical Sky God N Air, Artifice, Fire, Knowledge, Madness Crossbow
Gaia Nature N Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather Unarmed Strike
The Fates N Knowledge, Luck, Madness, Repose, Trickery Scythe
Gor God of strength, war, self CN Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War Greatsword
Zoraster Father of magic NE Artifice, Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, Rune Staff

Trichon the Mechanical Sky God

Symbols: The Crossbow, The Broken Cog
Alignment: N
Weapon: Crossbow

Tenants of Trichon

The world itself is a giant machine, but a broken one.

Trichon will descend from the sky one day and bring about a new age through air and fire and madness. It will be an age of steam and even more mechanical marvels. He will effectively “mend” the world.

Mechanization and steam technology are divine, closer to Trichon - who is Himself mechanical. Creating it helps bring about the new age.

Humanoids are meant to live in the sky. Dwarves should leave their mountains. All the earth below will burn when Trichon comes.


Trichon’s clerics see a living body (human, elf, or otherwise) as just another broken machine. So to them, healing is basically a form of machine repair.

They wear brown, russet or copper colored robes.

Only a special order of masked Trichonic clerics called Fusers use the Fire domain.

The crossbow is a holy weapon; the more steampunked-out, the more divine.

Shelya Goddess of Beauty, Love, the Arts

Symbols: art
Alignment: NG
Weapon: Glaive

Saren Goddess of Sun, Healing, Redemption

Symbols: open arms / sun rays
Alignment: NG
Domains: Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun
Weapon: Trident