Non-Player Characters

The Fleet

Aglo Ringbone

Master Trader and Councilor (male vanar)

In sharp contrast to Vanaran custom, Aglo bedecks himself in expensive and fashionable cloths, skins, and jewelry. Proof of his skill and success as a merchant. He has near complete lock on trade with Vanarans.

Despite his current materially decadent ways it is rumored he was once a druid in his native homeland the Vanara Plateau. This is substantiated by the druidic totem of vertebrae he wears.

Owns and lives on high end hotel/brothel ship, “Jungle”. Is known hedonist and for throwing the best parties. Closely allied with “Lord” Rods (dead) by compatible personalities if not commerce.

Like most Vanarans Aglo is short on attention span, short on patience, short of temper. It is best to deal with him directly, quickly and with minimum of small talk. He is currently infatuated with gladiatorial combat. Sponsoring various teams “Big Green” and fighters. Including Fallon, the stout.

Cargo of produce including delicious Kava Melons ruined by insects linked to Zozo’s Menagerie creature from sinking zeppelin party investigated.

Clabba Bhaktas

Master Trader and Councilor (female human)

You only cross Madam Bhaktas once, the saying goes.

Drumfire DeCery

High Priest of Shelya and Councilor (male human)

His Holiness DeCery is the ranking religious leader of The Fleet. He piously bears several holy artifacts. Whose grandeur is only enhanced by the saintly glow Shelya has blessed him with.

Although admiral Bracka runs the military, it is well known that The Fleets smooth operation is largely thanks to efforts of DeCery and his acolytes.

He has close ties with Proem Dekos and Bracka. All three being old friends.

The party suspects he is involved in conspiracy with Bracka to keep the Queen Brook imprisoned.

Hiroki Darshan

Master Trader and Councilor (male human)

Master Darshan’s reputation as a powerful wizard is nearly matched by his reputation for greed.

A spy hired by Draco Eilservs reported that Darshan “fit the profile” and arranged a meeting between them.

Proem Dekos

Master Trader and Councilor (male human)

Father of Lt Wallace Dekos, brother-in-law of Admiral Bracka. The Dekos family harkens back to the founding of the The Fleet. They are what one might call “old money”. The Dekos were one of first families to join The Fleet. Pompous and elitist. A few claim he is but a foolish figurehead and the real head of Dekos Trading Co is his wife Emily.

Close ties with Drumfire DeCery and Fleet Guards. Sponsors (pays for) several Guards squadrons. Is a patron of Dramman research.

Spends his time split between Mother and his newly steam retrofitted yacht, “Excelsior”. On which he plays the part of a naval captain despite not being an official member of Guards.

Set up (by Draco Eilservs?) for the attack on “Lord” Rods (dead) zeppelin.

Senryu Ozozob

Learned Master and Councilor (female northern elf)

Wizard and sage. Her beauty attracts many foolish suitors, all of whom are rebuked. Those seeking her knowledge fair slightly better.

A Learned Master, highest scholarly honor awarded by the colleges of Telemnar. She is interested in rare artifacts esp writings and knowledge. Her trade house is a means to this end. She has offered above market rates for items of historic or academic importance.

Ozozob resides within a stately elf tower in exclusive topside district. Having met her; she is academic, passionless, nearly oblivious to the social situation around her. She is probably addicted to Elven Absinthe.

She is compiling the first scholarly report on Trichon the Mechanical Sky God.


Master Engineer (male gnome) keeps The Fleet operating.

Recently “invented” slow burn rockets. Which he has developed into Torpedo, Blast. Is currently researching steam rockets.

Vika Smith

Armor and weapon smith (female half-elf)

Famous weapon smith currently residing on The Fleet.


Admiral (male human)

Head of Fleet Guards and commands The Fleet on behalf of the Council of Traders.

The party suspects he is involved in conspiracy with Drumfire DeCery to keep the Queen Brook imprisoned.

Cesare Borgia

Captian of the Fleet Guards (male human)

Captain of the Guards Cutter “Splendid”.

Party provided him information on Queen Brook and conspiracy involving Bracka, Councilor Drumfire DeCery and possibly other Council members including Proem Dekos that led to his promotion. He has promised to keep Delta Squadron’s involvement secret and to provide them access to decommissioned military weapons and equipment.

Wallace Dekos

Lt (male human)

Young, newly commissioned Lt of Fleet Guards. Son of Councilor Proem Dekos and nephew of Admiral Bracka.

Friend of the Delta Squadron.


Quarter Master (female human?)

Old, ugly, belligerent. Perfect to watch over The Fleet’s gear. Has some sort of relationship with Akhron, the short. Details are probably best left vague.

Bikels Bronzebottom

Tinker (male gnome)

Old, half clockwork tinker and assistant to QM Clurr.

Galled Rode

Sky Marshal and ranking member of the Order of the Fleet (male human)


Belfalcon Alterious Prime

Master craftsman (male gnome)

The greatest clockwork master craftsman that ever was. Many claim he is but a legend, a gnome ploy to increase demand for their crafts.

Found shipment of high quality clockwork parts bearing BA maker’s mark destioned to wharehouse in Arcadia City

Captain Ze Franks

Famed explorer and captain of independent cargo zeppelin (male human)

His double cargo zeppelin was found critically damaged, looted, and sinking. A disaster he apparently survived, having been seen in Arcadia City. Known collector of Dragon “memorabilia”.


(In)Famous showman and menagerie proprietor.

Delta Squadron has found love letters between Zozo and Princess Anistasia Roderick of Kingdom of Arcadia.

Zozo has set up his circus/menagerie outside of Arcadia City after being banned from entering the city itself.

King Roderick

King of Arcadia

A “good for business” king. He is no tyrant and generally willing to let people do as they please as long as they pay taxes and don’t disrupt business.

The King happily shares power with the so called Merchant Dukes. Heads of Arcadia’s most powerful trade houses who pay a monthly fee for the title and privilages of “Duke”. Roderick ensures his subjects have enough after taxes to fill the Merchant Dukes purses. Which in turn keep his subjects distracted if not always happy.

Arcadia is the worlds major and central trade hub. King and country are not beholded to local merchants and have treaties and trade agreements with many trade fleets and other powers. The most storied is King’s treaty with the S. Elves. Started some 30 years ago, it was the first major trade deal with S. Elves and has made everyone involved very rich.

The Rodericks have ruled Arcadia for as long as anyone cares to remember. Which isn’t too far back unless you want visit from the Council for Public Prosperity.

Roderick’s Queen died giving birth to their twin daughters :ref:`` and :ref:``

Princess Anistasia Roderick

Princess of Arcadia, twin daughter of King Roderick

Anistasia is reknowned for wisdom and understanding people very well for her age.

Delta Squadron has found love letters between Zozo and the Princess.

Princess Drizella Roderick

Princess of Arcadia, twin daughter of King Roderick

Nothing much is said of Drizella as speaking ill of the Royal family earns a visit from the Council for Public Prosperity.

Bad Guys

Draco Eilservs

Ambassador (male southern elf)

Dark, bluish skin, striking white hair, long intimidating scar crosses his handsome face. Lives on south elf ship “Griffon’s Grace”, house Despana’s sleek corvette. As the personal escort of Lady Despana, he travels amongst the trade fleets and major ports such as Arcadia City, Telemnar.

Travels along with Lady Despana and her entourage on the elven kite “Griffon’s Grace”. Visiting the various trade fleets and other places in her role as trade envoy.

Luther Celestin, the wise has earned Draco’s unwaivering hatred for causing him to lose face with Lady Despana.

Party has cause to believe Draco is behind numerous assaults on them, the attack on “Lord” Rods (dead) zeppelin and possibly the sabotage of Aglo Ringbone‘s cargo.

Lady Despana

Noble and merchant house envoy (female southern elf)

“Dark and beautiful” describes the exotic, enigmatic Lady Despana, trade envoy of house Despana. One of the powerful merchant houses that dominate Southern Elf society. Never far from her South Elf “protectors”.

She travels along with Draco Eilservs and her entourage on the elven kite “Griffon’s Grace”. Visiting the various trade fleets and other places in her role as trade envoy.

She seemed to have recognized Wisdom Water Weaver.

Gunpowder Gertie

infamous pirate (female humanish)

Thought to be pirate behind sinking of “Lord” Rods (dead) zeppelin and if so linked to Draco Eilservs.

Responsible for the death of Luther Celestin’s mother.

The Master

??? (???)

Who or what The Master is unknown. Attempted an alliance with the Fey of The Fleet through his envoy, Bakra (dead?).

Queen Brook

Queen (female fey)

The Queen of the Fey on Mother. Bitter and resentful of mortals. Kept prisoner in hidden “grotto”, converted cargo hold on bottom deck, near middle of Mother. Access to this area is heavily trapped and warded, apparently by members of the council. It is “guarded” by several fey, including tiny Sir Percival and Bojangles, his flute playing pal.

Tolerates the Mite fey and their leader, Zilsabil. Who claims she protects all the fey of The Fleet in return for driving away mortals.

Verge (dead)

??? (Half Red Dragon Ogre)

First encountered on sinking zeppelin. Led group of red wingless kobolds. Stole Bakra (dead?)s body back from party.

Party witnessed Elf and Fire Giant Draconite Priestesses “promoting” Verge into an Anti-Paladin of their foul God Dragon religion.

Bakra (dead?)

(winged blue kobold Envoy)

Sorcerous, blue kobold first encountered in the bowels of Mother attempting to broker an alliance with the mites for the mysterious The Master.

He and his winged blue kobold cohorts seemed to be searching for something in Captain’s quarters.

Captured on sinking zeppelin. Slain by red kobolds and then stole by Verge (dead).

“Lord” Rods (dead)

Councilor (male halfling)

(In)famous ranger and self appointed “lord” of halflings. He is pretty poor merchant but has monopoly on gas trade and his fingers in all other dealings with the halfling farm cartel.

Rumored to have links to the Syndicate. Although, people say that of every halfling. Is constantly nagged by his “wife”, Beautrix a Pseudodragon. He has “adopted” Tiberius as one of his crew. Gave him the special Team Rods ring and everything.

Close ally with Aglo Ringbone. With whom he shares a, er, “zest” for life. Known to sleep around, figuratively and literally. Having no permanent place of residence. Perhaps hold over of his Ranger roots.

Party believes he has been targeted by Draco Eilservs.