Kingdom of Arcadia

The Kingdom of Arcadia is mostly Human nation with ~30,000 total population. Situated on the largest known isle. Floating at Alto (4700’) near where the Northern and Southern Air Streams meet.

Much of the population lives in scattered across the isle in farmsteads and tiny villages. The land is fertile and provides a large food export. Arcadia is the breadbasket of the world.

Arcadia City

LN Autocracy
Large Capital City, Population 16,000 (13,000 Humans, 1,600 Elves/Half-Elves, 900 Haflings, 300 Dwarves, 100 Gnomes, 100 Others)
Corruption +5; Crime +4; Economy +8; Law +6; Lore +4; Society +4
Base Value 12,800 gp; Purchase Limit 80,000 gp; Casting Limit 7th

Notable NPCs

King Roderick
Princess Anistasia
Princess Drizella

Capital city of the Kingdom of Arcadia. Known for it’s wild festivals and yearly Arcadian Games. It’s strategic location and strong fortifications have helped trading companies, money changers, banks, and mercantile exchanges to flourish. It is the world’s marketplace.


In addition to all that is available via Base Value the following magic items are available in the sprawling markets of Arcadia City.

Cost Item
15gp Scroll “Detect magic”
25gp Scroll “Protection from evil”
25gp Scroll “Expeditious retreat”
25gp Scroll “Calm animals”
150gp Scroll “Shatter”
50gp Potion “Magic Weapon”
25gp Potion “Purify Food and Drink”
50gp Potion “Remove Sickness”
50gp Potion “Enlarge Person”
250gp Elixir of Hiding
1000gp Cloak of Resistance +1
2000gp Amulet of Natural Armor +1
300gp Potion “Obscure Object”
750gp Potion “Heroism”
4,500gp Wand “Web”
11,250gp Wand “Prayer”
10,500gp Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection
12,000gp Ring of Craft Magic
12,700gp Ring of Chameleon Power
15,000gp Gloves of Dueling
18,000gp Ring of Spell Storing, Minor
16,000gp +1 Whip of Speed
30,000gp Orange Prism Ioun Stone
42,000gp Ring of Inner Fortitude, Major
49,000gp Boots of Teleportation

The Triskelion

The huge coliseum and game fields just outside Arcadia City. It is where the yearly Arcadian games are held. The games, held on the summer solstice, feature various individual sports and competitions. Including several brutal blood sports. Attracting competitors from all over, even Elves.


N Autocracy
Large Town, Population 3,000 (2,200 Humans, 800 Others)
Corruption +3; Crime +3; Economy +2; Law -7; Lore +2; Society +1
Base Value 2,800 gp; Purchase Limit 14,000 gp; Casting Limit 5th

Rumored to truly be run by criminal guild. Regardless Bink has a reputation for violence, crime, and harboring malcontents of all sorts.

Its location and flat, open fields make it popular cargo zeppelin harbor and thus Bink is major trade hub. Second only to Arcadia City.

Some brave this dangerous town just to hear the “Singing Caves” nearby on the undercliff of the island.


A fair amount of magic passes through Bink. In addition to all that is available via Base Value the following items are for sale.

Cost Item
25gp Scroll “Jump”
50gp Potion “Magic Weapon”
300gp Potion “Resist Energy, Fire”
750gp Potion “Remove Disease”
450gp Masterwork Asbestos leather
1000gp Concealing Pocket
11,250gp Wand “Invisibility Purge”
16,000gp +2 Wyrmsbreath Tower Shield
16,000gp Headband of Mental Superiority +2
16,000gp Winged Boots