Delta Squadron

Former and Occasional Players


Current Squadron fame: 34

The squadron members are well known heroes within Arcadia and The Fleet.

Fame and Prestige Points are rules from “Ultimate Campaign”. The characters all share in the fame (or infamy) of the squadron. As the squadron gains notoriety characters will be able to parlay that into favors, boons, and titles. These are purchased with Prestige Points. Each character has their own pool of points. The more famous the squadron, the more powerful the rewards.

Delta Flyer

Cost: 3000gp
Gargantuan air ship; 20 Squares (10’ by 50’)
AC 6; Hardness 5; hp 300; Save +0
CMB +4; CMD 14; Ramming Damage 2d8
Structural Maximum Speed 180’; Wind Multipliers 1x / 6x / 4x
Propulsion: Air (sails)
Driving Check: Sailing
Capacity: 2 crew and 6 or so passengers and cargo
Decks: one open deck, mast.
Accessories: Man Overboard Nets
Weapons: one Hackbut firearm forward

The Delta Flyer is a fast, elf, “day sailer” sloop unsuitable for extended voyages being open decked and without a cabin. Boats sail quite different than other vehicles, see the rules on flying airboats.

Standard equipment includes storm drogue, backup sail (small), spare rope, grappling hook, Boarding Gaff, stern lantern (20ft).

Hammer Raider

Colossal air ship; (20’ x 130’)
AC 2; Hardness 5; hp 1400hp; Save +0
CMB +8; CMD 18; Ramming Damage 10d8
Structural Maximum Speed 240’; Wind Multipliers 1.5x / 6x / 4x
Propulsion: Air (sails)
Driving Check: Sailing
Capacity: 12 crew and many passengers and cargo
Decks: 2 decks plus castles, 1 mast + side runners
Accessories: runner sails (go fast!)
360deg hvy Ballista 4d8/19-20 1/3rnds 180’ (boarding harpoons)
360deg Arrow Springal 3d8/x3 1/3rnds 100’
180deg fwd lt Catapult 4d6/x2 1/3rnds 150’

Akhron, the short

Gnome bard and tinker extraordinare. Akhron (PDF).

Darvin, the quick

Human fighter. Light of step and quick of wit. Darvin (PDF).

Darvin Deseleiu is the son of two dead adventurers. A third member of their band, Arcis Declan, raised the young man as his own as he had promised the boy’s parents. Formerly a bard in the Garnet Band of Friendly Meadows, he settled down as the proprietor of an inn, “The Second Chance” on the road between Friendly Meadows and Brink.

Arcis raised Darvin on tales of the Garnet Band, all but the tale of their last fatal adventure. The young man even questioned the half-elf Ranger Cody Stongline, another of their companions and occasional visitor to Declan’s Inn. None would tell him the tale. Frustrated, Darvin took to the airways to find his own way. Despite all of Declan’s efforts, the boy would not settle down to the quiet life of an innkeeper, preferring a possibly short but much more adventurous life as a swift-sword.

Despite his abrupt leaving, Declan still keeps tabs on his charge through the usual trade networks of barkeeps, inn keepers and traveling bards.

Fallon, the stout

Human fighter.

Family Matters

The shadows have been her home for some time now. It requires little effort on her part to slip from one to the next. Her patience has paid off tonight. Her contacts have lead her to find one of the men that hurt her so long ago. Though it has been a number of years, the experience is still fresh in her mind as if it just happened. The difference now is she is no longer helpless. She has found the strength and the power fight against those who would harm others. She has entered their world and made it her own.

The slobbering pig of man stumbles out of the tavern with one of his drinking buddies, having spent the last of his latest ill gotten coins. She has a short amount of time, her protections spells will not last much longer. Her hunt begins, she intends to make his suffering linger. She manages to cast a spell out of earshot. A light appears ahead her prey, it slightly resembles a female form. He follows it, his friend in tow. She knew the slime couldn’t resist. They are to drunk to catch up to the light, it leads them to an alleyway and disappears. The men begin speaking, about some event that happened a week or so.

Merchants from the Fleet, where attacked by pirates or something. She was only half paying attention. Some militia known as Delta something or other fought off a larger ship and captured it. Stories the sailors tell she thinks to herself has she sets herself for the kill. She hears a reference about a Trichon worshiper, a monkey boy and his sidekick Fallon. She stops herself from striking.

My brother is here?

Fallon the Bold and Datia Bloodbolt

Fallon and Datia are the youngest of a family of merchants. Barely a year apart they seemed inseparable. Though Fallon is older it was usually Datia that took the lead. The youngest of the family, they little to no responsibility, and lots of freedom to pursue their own interest. Being the great grand children of Harkon Bloodbolt, an adventurer turned merchant, the adventuring spirit was in their blood.

They tried to hide Fallon’s fighting from the family, he believed he was fighting for Datia’s and the family’s honor. The young siblings joined a small mercenary group, for a short time, that sold their services as adventurers for hire. This group turned out to be little more than thugs with no sense of loyalty. Datia had been captured by a small time pirate group looking to make a quick coin in ransom and Fallon was left to his own to rescue his sister.

Fallon found Datia bleeding and unconscious, her clothes torn. No sign of the brigands who assaulted her. Datia could not let anyone near her, and she will never forget their their faces. After several weeks she disappeared, not even telling Fallon where she was going. Heart broken that he was not able to protect the one person that trusted him most, he did not know what to do. He traveled to Mother and joined the militia. After about a year he joined the Delta Squad and found his place in the world. He has gain a little notoriety traveling with this squad.

He recently gained a little fame, in his bid to seek glory, fighting in the Arena by being the last man standing. He gives the credit to this to his friend who has become know as the Mad Monkey. A Halfling locksmith with a dwarven appetite for coin. He took a might blow that could have hindered Fallon. Then out of the blue Datia shows up.

Luther Celestin, the wise

Human cleric of Shelya. Luther (PDF).

Luther grew up on a small family trading vessel which did much of its business on behalf of the church. He is reasonably familiar with trading and general ship operations and whatever knowledge that would come with growing up on an active trading vessel.

Mother was a devout follower of Shelya, Father went along with whatever mother said. During a trade run to Gösig Krama, young Luther watched as his mother was cut down by Gunpowder Gertie and her cutthroat pirate gang. Mother’s dying request was for Luther take up the cloth in the name of Sheyla, help those in need, and make life difficult for those that would prey upon the innocent. Becoming a cleric of Sheyla and joining the Fleet Guards is a way of following through on that request.

Phixit, the gnome

Gnome sorceror.

Phixit - A Morning Jaunt (PDF).

Phixit - A Flight of Fancy (PDF).


Halfling rogue. So stealthly his last name is hidden.

Vyrin Lortis, Harbinger of Trichon

Northern Elf cleric of Trichon the Mechanical Sky God.

Wisdom Water Weaver


Human illusionist. Hailing from Kingdom of Arcadia. Although, rumor has it that is not his home. Lady Despana, the Southern Elf envoy to The Fleet, seemed to recognize Wisdom when they chanced upon one another. Wisdom (PDF).