Wisdom Water Wizard Journal

Personal log

Sky date. Fourth moon-2 day in the 10th year reign of King Roderick

After several weeks of taking to the air it took a while to get my air legs and all though Mother is a very stable ship due to her enormous size, still in high winds you feel everything wobbling beneath you.

My first days with the Delta unit were filled with low-level duties swabbing the deck, peeling potatoes and working with the semen in hosting up the stabilizer sails. But I’m getting the feel of the air and working every evening on my gnomish verbs it’s such a complex language.

The grace of heaven is upon me every Sabbath I have been relieved of work so when no one suspects that I practice the ancient religion that is banished forbidden in these skies. Mother is more of the city that a ship and I’ve only been able to explore a small part of it in my off time, but there are plenty of places to go and quietly pray. So far no one else has given me the secret hand signal so I may be alone in my practice of the holy way.

Sky date: the fourth moon 19th day in the 10th year reign of King Roderick

Ensign Wallace, clearly a nobleman’s son by his mannerisms and speech patterns, has gathered up a crew of Delta for a mission to clean out some vermin in the lower decks. Here’s a sketch of Ensign Wallace

This is one the longest days I’ve ever experienced; exhausted it seemed to go on for weeks. Gigantic roaches, attacked us and almost killed the monkey monk. The Delta crew is totally disorganized and everyone was kind of doing their own thing bumbling along Wallace’s leadership lacks the charisma of a grand military leader. We started to get a little more organized towards the end of the ordeal but by then I was so exhausted I barely could think.

After battling some little blue bug eyed fey we learned that some kind of alliance is being formed, amongst all the chaotic tribes, evidently it’s in the early stages, but my gut tells me something much grander and ominous is taking place with each passing day.

Thanks to the wonderful salvage rights that the rule of the air grants, I was able to walk away from the encounter with enough money to purchase my crafting tools and finally get to my research projects going. The other great find was a small Elven boat in need of repair. A beautifully crafted swift sloop this magical boat once fitted with sails will be a great craft to go on short runs to outlining areas during our shore leave. After 12 hours of rest I was ready to start working on my gadgets Except for food and prayer I was in my new workshop every possible minute.

Sky date: the fifth moon 12th day in the 10th year reign of King Roderick

Was invited to a awards banquet for Ensign Wallace, evidently he’s got quite a family of military dignitaries, which will use every opportunity to elevate him in the ranks. The banquet was fine I got to spend some time chatting with Dramman, the master engineer gnome that keeps mother together, he had a strange dialect of gnomish but by the end of the conversation I was able to adapt my more formal gnomish to his Southern style gnomish speech patterns. He’s going to sell us one of his rocket boosters, I’m going to beef it up with some metal hull plating as the brackets would put too much stress on a wood deck. After he explained the design parameters of the booster rocket I realized that it could be converted to a steam driven booster rocket where the steam the builds up pressure and then is suddenly released into the rocket chamber. I calculate from my work with other steam engines that, every 28 min. you could build up enough pressure for another short boost, this could significantly extend the range that we could travel and return to the ship, but for now I’m installing the rocket booster with the Bard as a backup getaway booster.

As I don’t like social events especially with dainty women goggling me, but what was very strange was there was some Southern Elvish noblewoman (Lady Despana) that kept staring at me in the strangest way, as if she recognized me. It frightened me something deep inside of me some terrible purpose beyond the reach of my intellect stirred as if an important dream that almost could be remembered was just below the surface of my consciousness. I know I have not seen her before although in the days of the great games who knows who I would’ve bumped into as a young lad. I just know after the encounter, I felt so strange I had to go back to my cabin and meditate.

Sky date: the fifth moon 25th day in the 10th year reign of King Roderick.

Were aboard the Delta Flyer, on her maiden voyage, it’s so nice to sit on the deck sailing in the skies, on mother you feel like you’re on the land as it is so big that you don’t feel the movement of the ship here you feel like you’re gliding in the sky on a great winged bird. With so much work to do on the Delta Flyer and working on my mechanical owl I have not had time to sit and rest and enjoy life I sit here thinking the creator for the beautiful skies and all of those evil has stained the land the heavens still declare his handiwork. Before we left the ship there was some kind of skullduggery a small street urchin hobbit tried to pickpocket me, but I noticed it was someone watching and there seemed to be a more sinister plot then a simple pickpocket Heist, some of the Delta squadron and myself chased after the culprits hoping to find some deeper reasons of what they were up to. But with it being a market day on mother the crowds were thick, and both culprits managed to escape into the masses.

I suppose I should get the owl out of my backpack and let it have its maiden voyage. Looks like one of the crew has spotted a zeppelin that looks like it’s in trouble, I guess the owl will have to wait I have to put up my journal… let’s hope we can rescue some people.

Six hours later, We have returned in great haste to the Delta flyer battered bruised and bleeding, but everyone’s alive. I had no idea when I signed on with this band of adventuring types, that there would be this much violence although all the creatures we slain are abominations, yet I feel no comfort in their death, today I actually killed a living thing, in the heat of battle I just reacted but now sitting on the deck I begin this shake on the inside I don’t like the feeling of death.

There is something deeper here inside the swirling emotions some kind of terrible purpose that is been awakened, today’s events have stirred a part of my soul that I did not know was there, and just upon the horizon of my vision I feel more than see a future far different than I ever imagined.

I wondered why when I had a choice of learning other languages I chose draconian a difficult and almost unpronounceable with a human vocal apparatus language of the dragons. Yet hearing it for the first time spoken by nonhuman draconian voices it is stirred a combination of fear and excitement.

I hunger to learn more about these creatures their lore, their history, and what purpose I have with them. For their cruelty and malice terrifies me of a world beyond the evil I have seen amongst men and yet somehow I am drawn to them. I laugh to think that the first words I spoke to a Dragon or that of a curse, it just came out of me as if I had been conversing fluently in the company of dragons for years. So strange so strange where will this mystery leads to. This is a sketch of what he looked like

I heard there is a decent size library on mother ship, so I hope to begin research and study and perhaps to unravel what the scroll significance is and the piece of tapestry dark secret.