Fast XP progression. Start at first level, max hitpoints. With kind of Hero Points.

Pretty much everything from Core Rule Book is allowed. No to most other sources. No 3rd Party or Non-Paizo rules. Yes to racial Favored Class Options. No Traits. Probably no to Archetypes, no to Alternate Class Features, and no to Alternate Racial Traits.

Various modifications detailed in this document to Races, Classes, Skills, Feats, Combat Maneuvers, Companions, Weapons, Mounts, Flying and Aerial Vehicles to account for aerial campaign world, firearms, steam weapons, etc.

Will be experimenting with several rule systems from “Ultimate Campaign”. Downtime, Contacts, Relationships, Fame and Prestige Points.

Downtime Tracking Sheet (PDF). Basic Rules Cheat Sheet (PDF). Character Sheet (PDF) Auto-calculating, printable.