Are flying vehicles such as zeppelins, balloons, steam skiffs, cyclocopters, etc. Zeppelins and balloons are slow. Most of their movement is from being pushed by wind. Long distance travel is in air streams. Others are steam, clockwork, or magically propelled. Typically slower than airboats but not dependent on wind.
Are flying vehicles with sails and keels. Operating much like a water based sailing ship. They are dependant on wind for propulsion. When the wind is strong and in right direction airboats are one of fastest vehicles.
Mid, 3001-6000’ elevation. Where majority of people spend their time.
Base Value
Equipment, including magical items, that cost this amount or less are generally available (75% chance) at this settlement. If not available, buyer must wait 1 week before checking if item has become available.
Mountain on which the ancient ruins of Besta and Lömsk Krama are located.
Dwarf for volcano.
Casting Limit
The highest-level spell available to be cast by spellcasters in town. Whether or not given spellcaster is willing to cast given spell depends on a great many factors.
High, 6001’+ elevation. Above most weather. Need the ability to Breath Thin Air. This is the domain of Elves.
Measures how open a settlement’s officials are to bribes, how honest its citizens are, and how likely anyone in town is to report a crime. Low corruption indicates a high level of civic honesty. A settlement’s corruption modifies all Bluff checks made against city officials or guards and all Stealth checks made outside (but not inside buildings or underground).
A settlement with a low crime modifier is relatively safe, with violent crimes being rare or even unknown. The atmosphere generated by a settlement’s crime level applies as a modifier on Sense Motive checks to avoid being bluffed and to Sleight of Hand checks made to pick pockets.
Dwarf for Lady / Duchess.
1000’ or below. Plumes of poisonous fumes from The Fog Sea and the reach of leaping sea monsters makes going this low fairly dangerous.
Dwarf for Lord / Duke.
A settlement’s economy modifier indicates the health of its trade and the wealth of its successful citizens. A settlement’s economy helps its citizens make money, and thus it applies as a modifier on all Craft, Perform, and Profession checks made to generate income.
Dwarf for fortress.

A low law modifier settlement isn’t necessarily crime-ridden. It may mean that the settlement simply has little need for protection since crime is so rare. The more lawful a town is, the more timidly its citizens tend to respond to shows of force. A settlement’s law modifier applies on Intimidate checks made to force an opponent to act friendly, Diplomacy checks against government officials, or Diplomacy checks made to call on the city guard

Guards! Guards!
Calling for the guard requires a DC5 Diplomacy check modified by the settlement’s Law modifier. Guards generally arrive on the scene in 1d6 minutes. Every 5 points by which the Diplomacy check exceeds DC5 (rounding down) reduces the arrival time by 1 minute. If this reduces their arrival time below 1 minute, the increments of reduction instead change to 1 round.
Lord Under the Mountain
Dwarven deity, see Known Gods.
A settlement’s lore modifier measures not only how willing the citizens are to chat and talk with visitors, but also how available and accessible its libraries and sages are. A settlement’s lore modifier applies on Diplomacy checks made to gather information and Knowledge checks made using the city’s resources to do research when using a library.
Low Peoples
Elf term for non-elves. Somewhat derogatory. Refers to fact that elves live high above the other races.
Purchase Limit
Is the most money a settlement can spend to purchase any single item. If the characters wish to sell an item worth more than this purchase limit, they’ll need to settle for a lower price, travel to a larger city, or locate a specific buyer with deeper pockets.
Dwarf for Councilor
Society measures how open-minded and civilized a settlement’s citizens are. A settlement’s society modifier applies on all Disguise checks, as well as on Diplomacy checks made to alter the attitude of any non-government official.
Low, 1001-3000’ elevation. Few mountains reach higher.
The sides / underside of a floating island.
Dwarf for mountain.