Prophecies & Proclamations

“Some day all knowledge will be available through the initials of his name.”

Common saying amongst Arcadian merchant nobility when they want to sound knowledgeable and wise. King Roderick really, really hates it.

Cmdr Kretch

“Our alliance ends, but we do not have to be enemies. You are vultures pecking at the blasphemous Abomination. For that you may be allowed to live as slaves. Perhaps even favored slaves if you eliminate him.”


Currently being held / tended to by the priestess of Saren Goddess of Sun, Healing, Redemption in Arcadia City.

When you got him committed

When the dwarves are two, the elves are one,
the sea burns and shadows return.
When you are alone and all is doom,
remember me.

After Triskelion Games

In the last age of light,
A child born out of sight

The world’s knowledge, in a way
collected under his name one day

In the last age of light,
Man and Machine shall fight

Child’s the key to the Mountain door
The accursed sea banished forever more

In the last age of light,
Man shall awaken Dragon’s might

If this child is allowed to grow
Kings and nations shall be brought low

In the last age of light,
The wrongs, shall be set right

Burbie Elf Wizard from Oropher

To Wisdom

“You also need to learn magic crafting skills, for your destiny to truly unfold. May Dragon’s hearts tremble at the light you hold inside of you, May a keen mind a pure heart and great craftsmanship save the world from a long night.”