Southern Elves

Draconite Cult

Worship dragons. Which to bring a return of the Age of Scale and Dragon rule. This is the “religion” of House Kilsek. The cult seems to be spreading to other creatures (verge) and even Humans.

Merchant Houses

Are run by matriarchs. And females hold most positions of power. Although, they will often be “fronted” by a male escort or consort as they generally are loath to sully themselves with low-races, unknown males or anyone of lessor rank.

There are many houses competing, forming alliances, and backstabing each other. Currently five are powerful enough to be known outside of Elf society.

House Despana

Old, old, powerful house. The first to trade with low-peoples, beating out Eilservs and other rivals. Outwardly they seem to be the most powerful and prominent house.

Has allied with every other major house at one time or another. Is master at playing others off one another.

Lady Despana is the “face” of House Despana and trade envoy to the low-peoples.

House Eilservs

Another old house. Eilservs is past its glory and in slow decline.

Draco Eilservs is from house Eilservs.

House Aleval

Trade powerhouse in Darklands. Has failed or not bothered to establish much trade with low-peoples or Northern Elves. Allied with Eilservs.

House Noquar

Smallest of the major houses. Militant, more into pirating and killing than trade. Hate all non-elves. Allied with Eilservs against Despana.

Hammer raider pirates where from house Noquar.

House Kilsek

Deeply religious dragon worshipers. Many are fanatics and members of Draconite, “destroyer” cult. Kilseks are frequently in conflict and even open war with the other houses. They view other races as slaves at best.