Embossed cover of book “I, Dragon”

There are many types of dragons, all evil. Drakes, wyrms, linnorms and other primitive types are fearsome but the real threat to life are the intelligent Chromatic dragons who strive to enslave all other living things.

There are (or were) three clans of dragons;
  • Chromatics the one we all know (White, Black, Green, Blue, Red)
  • Metalics first to die off (Brass, Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Primal unknown (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Umbral?)

Chromatic Dragons

Chromatics have not been seen in several lifetimes. Many believe they are extinct. Or are myths and legends embellished over time.

The older a dragon is the more powerful and larger it is. Five age categories exist; Baby, Young, Adult, Old, Ancient, Wyrm. Adult and older dragons cast arcane spells as sorcerers, while themselves are highly resistant to magic. And they grow increasingly resistant to normal weapons as they age. Dragons see in the dark and can sense invisible creatures. What they sense they strike at with claws, wings, tail and vicious bites.

There are five types of chromatic dragons each with its own breath weapon and immunity to energy type. From weakest to strongest. Although, a White wyrm will waste an adult red dragon.

  • CE White Cold (smaller, vulnerable to fire)
  • CE Black Acid (smaller)
  • LE Green Sonic (stealthy hunters, equally at home in forest/jungle/river)
  • LE Blue Electricity
  • CE Red Fire (vulnerable to cold)

Metalic Dragons

These dragons were the first to die off. So long ago that they have been all but forgotten. There is some evidence that they were hunted and murdered by the Chromatics. Who might have also destroyed records / suppressed knowledge of them

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Primal Dragons

Associated with the elements little else is known. The mightiest of them was made of Shadow, The Umbral Dragon.

A Magma Dragon dwells in the caldera of Ember Crag, home to Surtur the Fire Giant King.

  • Magma Fire (vulnerable to cold)

Age of Scale

Ozozob has discovered no references to the Fog Sea prior to the end of the Age of Scale. That is until after humanoids defeated their oppressors the Dragon tyrants.

From anonymous book “I, Dragon” found in Captain Ze Franks‘ badly damaged and sinking zeppelin.

A legendary time, The Age of Scale, when dragons ruled the world and the other races where slaves at best and food more often. Vague mentions orbs and the five Dragon Lords who ended the Age of Scale and draconic tyranny.

Details the power’s of dragon’s teeth (transform into dragon) and of making dragon scale armor.

From book acquired at auction

During the third and last revolt of humanoids against the dragon tyrants five weapons of immense power were forged, The Dragon Orbs. One Destined to be wielded by five generals of the revolution, the “Dragon Lords”.

The Dragon’s shadow fell heavy upon the Lords. Slaying one and all, The orbs scattered and lost. But their sacrifice eventually brought about end of Age of Scale.

A sixth Dragon Orb, unneeded and its power feared, is rumored to have been left incomplete and abandoned as the Age of Scale ended. It was built to replace and control the first five, lost orbs. One orb, forged in darkness, to find them and bind them.

The “One” to Find Them and in Death Bind Them


Name of a large 5x7 foot painting by Emirikol “liberated” from the cabin of Captain Ze Franks.

Five flying, gargantuan, wyrms. White (lower left), blue (upper left), red (above), green (upper right), black (lower right). All breathing towards middle of painting. Which has been ripped out (probably by Bakra (dead?)), but recovered. The center section depicts the mixing swirling orb of five energy types. Far below, mountainous landscape (no fog sea) and sprawling temple complex with numerous (60 to be exact) dragons. Many of unrecognizable types. Three of their number; a great red, an ancient gold (extinct), and a grayish black beast (umbral) perch on towers overlooking their brethren. Who are busy sacrificing tens of thousands of humanoids along with 45 dragons.

Three dragons of each type from each of the three clans are being sacrificed(45). There are four others present (60).

Strangely, there is a great amount of detail overall in the painting except for the umbral dragons. All of which are blurry and indistinct. Something you had assumed to be “natural” for shadow dragons. But Ozozob indicates is not the case. She also indicates that most (except for some very ancient) sources that mention Umbral dragons use the singular as if there were only one Umbral Dragon.

The Sketch Beneath the One

Charcoal sketch found underneath above painting. A practice Emirikol is known for.

Depicts the face of The Umbral Dragon. Coicidentally this face is directly centered on the swirling orb of breath weapons painted on top of it.

A word/name? is written near the sketch, ‘murd ra gon’. Ozozob determined the missing letters to be n and j forming murdnrajgon. A word Ozozob was not familiar with and found no references for.

Jormungandr is name of a Draconite dragon “god”.