Journal of Aspelund Jägarejord

Scrolls found in Captain Ze Franks‘ badly damaged, sinking zeppelin. An item of great importance to Bakra (dead?) and supposedly his master. Scrolls comprise several entries from a journal (in dwarven) of one adventurer, Aspelund Jägarejord. And a partial map labeled Brandoar detailing a path through caverns to a treasure hoard.

Interesting Entries

187 years ago

“Found it here (X mark on map) and snuck it out from under their noses! It was only after we realized what it was we had, and the significance of what we left behind.”

184 years ago

“Planing for return raid goes slowly. But I am determined to raise a warparty. This time we shalt sneak past the Muspellsmegir. We shall slay them!”

No further entries.

Map of Brandoar

Shows “hidden” entrance, a lava tube, into Fire Giant King’s lair built into the volcano “Ember Crag”, Brandoar in dwarvish.