GnG Timeline

Janus, 374

The Terrible Tyrant is overthrown by The Invincible Overlord. The Tyrant is rumored to have eluded execution. Being smuggled out of the city to parts unknown by his personal guard, the golden Aurites.

Adventurers explore the exploded wizard tower in Brink. Discovering clockwork dragonflies, some small treasure, and that apparently a wizard, initial H, recently vacated tower. H’s diary page.

Marius, 374

4th Marius

Adventurers discover Zenopus Dungeon near the H’s Tower in Brink.

6-9th Marius

Zombocolypse. Hordes of undead rise and slaughter many outside the city walls. All who fall eventually join the undead’s ranks.

9th Marius

The recently risen Lich, Mortis Maximus Orielious, responsible for the Zombocolypse. Attacks The City, Vallum Auster, and Custalcon Mines. The first two being feints to distract from the main effort to take the mines. All are eventually repelled by the Overlords legionnaires. A small force attacking Church of the Holy Light Chantry S. of The City is also driven away by adventurers.

10th Marius

The morning after Morits’ attacks. Azurite Ordo’s from “Ferrum Pugnus Legio”, “Primo Legio”, supported by Artililists Malchilites from “Mons Legio” march to the Orielious Villa. Most are cut down when large stand of trees turns out to be illusionary. Hiding a horde of zombies.

A small force for Brink’s best (Merek Sonnehide, Baron Brok and Brok’s men; Boyce, Sgt Gallus leading handful of men-at-arms) reach the Villa. Merek is last seen “fighting” Mortis. Both are consumed by a column of blue flame. Few believe Mortis is gone for good. Tomkin Twittlethumbs is left to run the Sunshine Pawn without his partner, Merek.

11th Marius

Pontifex Veritus demands proper burials for the Zombocolypse victims whom Azurites are dumping into the Deepwyne. A nameless Centurian guts Veritus and is swiftly struck down with a bolt Jupiter’s Lighting. The victims are quickly recovered from the river and over several weeks all are put to rest in new mass graveyard south of Brink.

16th Marius

Ground breaking ceremony Veritus Memorial in honor of Pontifex Veritus and memorializing all the victims of the Zombocolypse.

Apris, 374

8th Ostra Sprint Festival


Strange towers appear north of Mallow Village.

22nd Day of Honoring Dead Warriors

Dwimmerhold Dungeon elevator powered. King Bik converted to Cult of Mitra.

33rd Apris

Recently fallen Cmdr Cyrus Paladin of Minerva is interned in the partialy complete Veritus Memorial. This loss along with the disappearance of Pontifix Maximus Quintus causes the Cult of Mitra to abandon its attempts to restore the Temple of Mitra above Dwimmerhold Dungeon.

34th Apris

Hillside below Mitra Temple collapses. Large sections of Dwimmerhold Dungeon levels 3,4,5 are destroyed.

Most of the Brokmunson Clan of Rus are converted into Frogmen by Order of Hypnotic Eye cultists. With the aide of adventures, Arden, Skald and 3rd son of Chief Bomulli, and dozen Rus survive. Arden tells adventures The Dawn Breaker Saga.

35th Apris

The Invincible Overlord issues the Rex Sacorum Proclamation.