The True and Proper Diary of <Stylized H>

Fragments of a diary found in the H’s Tower, in Brink.


Well, managed to destroy another tower tday. Quite past time to move, anyways - mor annoyances arriving dialy.

But where to?????

Math took good hill along WW towards annoyance. Fool can have it! rocky swamp means Suth far too dreary, nd DAMP! Grimoire nvr been quite right since fungus investation. Even on dry patch there’s all together too much buzzing around down there. Keepr is an agreeable fellow. But, Iajuxxa, a nastier piece of work is naught to be found this side of <moon symbol>. Hmmmm, mabee some of the annoyances will clip hurr wings, ha! Feed hurr brood mor likely. Although that idea is quite…

[Note to self: look into manipulating dull eyed, greedy heart annoyances into dealing w/ I.]


Sigh, it rained last night. Topless towers are remarkedly poor at keeping out water. Chigwiz cmplains I even grumpier when wet. Mther, of course, sided with him.

Bored w/out a lab. I suppose back to home hunting. Nrth is right out, obvioslee. Why even broach it? Am I talking w/ self again? Oh, tea’s ready, last of the Gooseberry Leaf that swell fairy chap gifted me.

Outrageas!!! Poking about during tea time! Annoyances these days! Naught the decency to wait until I vacate before ransacking the place. Wud be quite put upon if I had to kill one or two. Still, I’ve half a mind to leave a pest or two. Reminder that it’s not proper to burst in uninivted, not proper at all. Doubles during tea time!


Argh!!! Again this morhing. Disturburs of the peace, violaturs of sanctity, molesturs of propriety. You wud not believe the rukus made against my door. I wud, I do, I was there. Alls the pity you were half asleep. They ran straight away before you got onto the good spells. Wait, who are you<<I talking to. Annoyances, eroding my sanity!

That takes it, damn the inventory! Moving tonight. Besides I procured a cozy little place, great views, and best of all: secluded up a path less took. Even Mother approves.