The Rex Sacorum Proclamation

Thanks to The Invincible Overlord for; Saving The City and all of us from the horrors of Mortis Maximus Orielious [1]. For opening gates. Reducing crime. Cleaning streets. Low taxes. [and so on for a couple paragraphs]

The deities recently called their devoted brother, our Overlord, to council beneath the Minerva Holy Site [2]. Testing him in battle vs terrible demons. Despite great destruction to hill and hillside The Overlord, of course, emerged victorious.

Invictum Imperator Maximus” [3] is now and always “Rex Sacorum Protecto Hominum” [4]. Above the High Priests of the Order of Pontifex [5] and the Order of Quindecimviri Sacris Faciundis [6]. And that Additicius Olympious [7], is The City’s and all loyal, right thinking citizens religion.

The Overlord has tired of fanciful claims of “speaking with gods” being used to usurp the property rights of citizens and to violate just laws of The City. The never officially recognized and so called “Order of Augures” [8] is thus banned.

Zealotry is counter to lawful society. Although, in his benevolence and wisdom the Overlord recognizes it is a disease of the mind and these unsaveable souls deserve our pity. As long as they don’t pose a threat to safety and order they may continue their insane ramblings and begging. [9]

Similarly his benevolence and wisdom allows the Overlord to tolerate the minor deities a few vulgar foreigners mistakenly honor until such day as they awake to glory of Additicius Olympious. [10]

The demons passing themselves off as gods of the Rus [11] shall no longer be allowed to run amok. All bearing their symbols forfeit life and property. Those who aide these vile demon worshipers shall be publicly executed in the usual gruesome ways.

To celebrate this great occasion “Invictum Imperator Maximus” has declared coming month of Maius to be tax free and announced a week long festivities featuring said gruesome executions!