Buffy Punk Slang

– anti-socialite : Criminals, those who intend ill-will towards GBA or it’s citizens. – buffed : Seriously well-armed. – do time : To live. “He does time in Kropotkin.” – GBA : [Greater Bay Area] “Political” division, independent city state controlling much of the bay area. – ganked : Death/murder, usually in a sudden, “ew, totally gross” manner. – ferals : Children and adults, often mentally “touched”, who live a wild, barely human existance in marginal areas such as Downtown. Also, wild animals; dogs, cats, and ferrets being common. – frust : The small line of debris that refuses to be swept onto the dust pan and keeps backing a person across the room until he finally decides to give up and sweep it under the rug. – kaiser sosayed: : Tricked into believing the bad guy is really a good guy, and on your side!. – kipple : Name for areas that are used as dumping grounds (for rubble, trash, etc) and were never rebuilt after 2070. – no-go : [a no-go zone] Area that is not safe to enter. Reasons for this include it’s toxic, structurally unstable, or the people there spread SDS. – PRD : [Planned Rural Developement] Built, guarded and maintained by a corporation as a peacefull, safe home for it’s tele-commuting employees. – protien puck : Any one of several processed vegitarian protein foodstuffs (tofu, boca, vegitable patties). – rocket sauce : Brand of energy drink. Anything that is good and powerfull. – SDS : [Sudden Death Syndrome] An affliction suffered by those who habitually piss-off the wrong people. – slice and dice : noun. A fight involving knives or swords. – social leper colony : unpopular group. – some kind of a whack : It’s stupid. – speed is of the serious essence : We need to hurry. – shake and burn : The quake and riots of 2070. – throwing down : “I’m throwing down.” ie. throwing down the gauntlet. Challenging someone to a fight. – tweaked : adj. Under the influence. verb. To take physical enhancement drugs. “Don’t fight Sweeny he tweaks and will rip your head off.” – uber : Massively cool/powerfull, above the best. “The uber demon kicked both slayer’s ass.” – uberkid : A fairly common phenomenon affecting 1-2% of new births. They are super-intelligent child prodigies whose accelerated developement leads to accelerated death. None has lived past their 26th birthday. – unscheduled slayage : Unexpectedly having to fight vampires. – unregulated : Areas controlled by corporations. Named because the are not subject to governmental regulations. – what’s the what : What’s going on? – wiggins : The state of wigging out.