Buffy Punk

===== Buffy Punk Campaign Setting ===== A Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG “Series”. Slighty cyber punkish; “dark”, violent, corporate ruled future. Cybernetic implants, nanobots, and similar shezznag are rare or non-existent. Mostly, it’s about kicking vampire ass.

/downloads/btvsrpg_quickstart.pdf|QuickStart Rules - Quick start rules and intro Episode. – /downloads/btvsrpg_unnoficial_cs_lowcolor.pdf|Low-color Character Sheet - Unofficial, small, editable. – /downloads/btvsrpg_unnoficial_cs_color.pdf|Full-color Character Sheet - Unofficial, small, editable. – /downloads/btvsrpg_cyberbuffy.pdf|CyberPunk Buffy Rules - Jason Vey’s very nice rules/background.

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==== Out Takes ==== ++|btvsrpg The Buffy RPG. ++|“Buffy Fudge” Nice rules to slay by. ++|“Slaying Days” Somone else’s RPG series. ++ /downloads/ltetr_seriesbible.pdf|LtETR a Series Concept Bible Wow! Seriously cool. Another series put together by Jack Kessler and friends. Based in New Orleans. ++|Links I need not to duplicate. ++|“Episode Guide” of the TV show. ++|“Official WebPage” of the TV show.

==== Season One ==== Set in the SF Bay Area focusing on jbhs:Julia Butterfly High, spring, 2103.

– Episode 1 (pilot) .who invited you:contents|"Who Invited You?" - Aired April, 2003 – Episode 2 “Of Emperors and Urchins” - Script under revision – Episode 3 “Nothing lost, Nothing gained” - Script under revision – Episode ? “The Truth is out There” - Concept – Episode ? “Who Are You?” - Concept – Episode ? “Human Hearts are Made of Flesh” - Title – Episode ? “Hung be the Heavens with Black” - Title

==== Previous Seasons ==== Last several TV episodes did not happen. Let’s just pretend “The First” never happened, although, Buffy and friends did eventually take the Sunnyvale hellmouth off-line. It’s nice and peacefull there, cute bunnies hoping around.

Here is what did happen, although your characters wouldn’t exactly know this, Wendy and Mr. Delgato do more or less…

Buffy Summers was and remains the only slayer to have “retired”. She was absolved of her slayer duties by The Reformed Council. Together, Buffy and Faith kicked so much demon butt that having a slayer making babies and being a soccer mom was doable. After many years of peaceful home life Buffy died of old age surrounded by friends and family, awwwwh.

Faith, dead by age 25 just like any slayer not named “Buffy”. Still, her death took three full-demons, a record, and two of them didn’t survive to gloat over it.

Willow’s magical powers rank her with the likes of Merlin, Akhnaten, and Lilith. Responsible for numerous earth altering events; things like preventing several wars, stopping various and sundry demonic “end-the-world” plots and repulsing an interdimensional invasion. Throughout Willow remained anonymous. Always on the sidelines, always allowing others the credit. A feat undeniably her’s is the perfection of techomancy or use of magic with technology primarily the casting of spells over, through and on computer and communication networks. After Buffy’s retirement Willow became even more reclusive and cast powerful wards to ensure her privacy. Many claim to have seen Willow or recognize her handiwork but the only verifiable appearance is at Buffy’s wake. Where, interestingly, she showed no signs of physical or magical weakness despite qualifying for the “silver discount”.

Spike, well he didn’t burn up in flames of martyrdom. Never accepted by the “good guys” and no longer evil he led a lonely and troubled existence. Some things never change, eh?. Spike battled many a demonic foe alongside the slayers until Buffy retired. Even had a short fling as a soap opera star. He was the prime figure in putting down Angelicus after Angel lost his soul yet again. Sadly, Buffy never forgave him for dusting her first love and he became outwardly bitter and spiteful to slayers and scoobies. Spike crashed Buffy’s wake were his drunken rantings forced Willow to throw down with the magical ass kicking. After that, little is known of Spike’s wanderings. The Reformed Council believes he has finally been put to rest.

Giles led the reformation of the Watcher’s Council. It is now called The Reformed Council and is not as bastardly. Made into a vampire by Angelicus, killed shortly thereafter by slayer.

=== 2103 - Status Quo ===

By the time Buffy’s replacement slayer made the scene the forces of evil were enjoying an upswing. The dual slayers and other anti-vampire forces slowed their resurgence to a creep. That worked like a charm until one of the slayer’s went missing in the last decade of the 21st century. She is not dead as no replacement slayer has appeared. Through powerful divination magic The Reformed Council has come to believe she is cyrogenically frozen and in orbit. Whether put there by vampires, a government agency, or a corporate research lab and for what purpose they remain at a loss.

Although, the general population remains clueless most corporations are aware of vampires and the occult. Few corporate boards “get it” when it comes to supernatural blood-suckers. Fewer still realize vampires are the low-end of the demon power scale and that there are bigger bads to worry about. Corporations view vampire’s as just another risk to be budgeted for. Magic, mysticism, and other occult powers aren’t products executives can wrap their business school trained minds around. They try to ignore the para-normal and if that fails, specially trained black-ops units are sent in but often do not come out.

Shamans, witches, sorcerers and other practitioners have little use for the mundane power corporations offer and by necessity nearly all gravitate towards a more or less active anti-demon lifestyle. They infrequently cooperate but their combined efforts have saved the earth, the animals and humankind from the worst deprivations of demons and corporations.

Demons are the bestest with the mostest but they lack organization and direction. They await a leader bad ass enough to unify them…