SanFran District

132,000 or so people live, work, and make babies in the SanFran District.
The acknowledged asspit of the bay area#GBA. Franciscans are none the less pridefull of their home and consider life elsewhere a waste of time.

===== Locations ===== – jbschool|Julia Butterfly School - One of two 7-12 years schools in SanFran. Located in FIXME – kropotkin|Kropotkin Heights - Anarchists Collective, home of MantaRayLopez|Mannie. – hibh|Hotel International Boarding House - Current residence of CelestinePearl|Celestine Pearl and |what'sherenamecoffeehouse|The Coffee House - The hangout. – stowlodge|Stow Medicine Lodge - Native American Sweat Lodge and sacred spot.

=== Places of Interest === == The plant == The public power system helps the bay area#GBA|GBA to hold the many factions and enclaves together postquake. Consisting of several wind, solar and tidal generating facilites scatered throughout the bay area. The big producer was in the beginning and still is a cold-fusion power plant. Although, several facilities and large parts of the grid where destroyed the fusion plant survived and served as a focus for the fledgling bay area#GBA|GBA.

== Downtown == Downtown aka //“deathtown”//, is a rubble strewn, sinkhole happening, building collasping, place you don’t wanna be. Most citizens consider it slang#no-go. Only ferals and slang|anti-socialites do their time here.

== SmackDown Fields == In south eastern SanFran is the biggest arena combat park in the bay area#GBA|GBA.

== Tunnels == Parts of BART, BART2, MUNI and other tunnels that survived the slang|shake & burn provided relatively safe and easy method for travel and communication.

The Bay tunnel is flooded. None of the tunnels have operating trains, strictly pedestrian.

===== Supporting Cast ===== ==== Recurring Roles ==== – Sally Wong - jbschool#principal|JB's principal. – Ito aka John Doe - Oh so very, very hush hush. – Wanda Jennings - Runs the hibh|HIBH, Hotel International Boarding House, in SanFran District.

==== Extras ==== – JB Militia - Julia Butterfly School Militia (the //pine weasels//)

SF authorities - SanFran council & milita (the //rainbow patrol//). SF is more isolated than other parts of the GBA. Although, alot of people still end-up dead, hrmmmmm.

GBA authorities - GBA council & milita.

– The Lee’s, The Chan’s - The two biggest gangs of SanFran are these rivals. Their slang#throw downs rarely result in serious harm to themselves, others, or property. They are mostly left alone since, the local council recognizes the value of having large numbers of trained combatants.

– Neptune Society - Burn baby, burn.

– Rosicrucians - The Rosicrucian museum of San Jose was unscathed by the shake and burn. Curious, that.

SFSS - SanFran Secret Society.

– Mormons - Various factions, maintain “safehouses”, churches and conduct “Missions” througout the GBA. The opposing factions often get medieval on each other. Then the GBA has to come out and lay down some secular whoop-ass.

– “The Russians” - An enclave in the Avenues remains independent of SanFran and the GBA. The GBA certainly isn’t going to force them in and there are peacfull if aloof relations. Inhabited by peeps of predominantly slavic decent, strongly xenophobic, strongly religious. It is ruled by the leaders of the local Russian Orthodox Church.