##$Id: kropotkin.tmpl 17 2004-07-05 04:03:09Z njharman $ #extends set_base #attr $headline = “Kropotkin Heights” #def body #set $sections = [ {‘color’:0, ‘name’:“NPC’s”, ‘items’:( (“Armed Atheists”, ““,””“militant group whose heyday was some 40yrs ago when they had a big”war” with the hill-toper christians. Started again in 2102 the have grown in numbers and actions. After being told in the collective’s Winter Thingol that “collective members are expetected to take care of their own business””“), (”Fire Guy and Devil Girls“,”“,””” “”“), (”Jake Johansen“,”“,””“Refugee. Family was killed in”kids are bombs” strike”“”), )},]

Each night 570 people plus a couple dozen migrant couch surfers lay down here to sleep.

Near Dolores & Market, approx 4-5 city blocks including the old Sanchez and Mission Schools.


#end def