Hotel International Boarding House, a small, 11 rooms(4 doubles 7 single) residence hotel.

More or less permenant home to a dozen people. The remaining rooms get filled with seasonal and short term transients. Archaic decorations, old style lamps, rugs, heavy wood furniture, bad paintings of San Francsico slang|pre-shake & burn.

=== Basement === – Communal showers - Large, 8 head – Dry sauna - Small 4 person heat room decorated in Tribal style. Doubles as sweat lodge. – Laundry -
– Storage area - Some space for residnets but mostly filled with emergency supplies and food. Along with rooftop watertank is enough to sustain 18 people for two weeks.

=== Ground Floor === – kitchen -
– dinning area -
– lobby -
– common room - Table, comfy chairs. Lots of books & games. Computer powered only by exersize bike.

=== 1st Floor === – Shared bathroom -
– mngr (double w/ private bathroom) - Wanda Jennings 37yr old transexual Amer-Indian. Former Tribal member. Runs the HIBH. Her pet Iguana, Francis, can be found sunning herself in the lobby every afternoon. – rm 1: (double) - Donna & James Burley newlywed couple in their early 20’s. Baby faced James is a mechanic at Big Ted’s. Donna whines, complains, and does little else including her share of the chores. – rm 2: (double) - Jose and Manuel: Brothers, transients just up from Republic of Texas – rm 3 - Pirana: 19yr old asian Raver DJ. His girlfriend, Pixie, is often around. – rm 4 - empty – rm 5 - Pappy //aka// “The lobby troll” 90 something white guy. Most days he’s sitting in the lobby mumbling about the Annu Naki and grouching at anyone who bothers him.

=== 2nd floor === – Shared bathroom -
– rm 1 - ./espisodes:Celestine Pearl: Music teacher at Julia Butterfly School – rm 2 - empty – rm 3 (double) -
Thunder Feather: Tribal Elder and excchange student guardian
.episodes:Miakoda: 17yr old Tribal exchange student – rm 4 (double) -
Pakuna “Jumping Deer”: 15yr old Tribal exchange student
Taipa “Spread Wings”: 15yr old Tribal exchange student

– rm 5 - Mrs. Ahn: Koren lady in her late 40’s. Aharmless crazy. Never recycles any paper or plastic. Her room is literally packed to the ceiling with boxes, stacks and bags of paper and plastic. Her cat, Tumbles, prowls the 2nd floor when he’s able to sneak out. – rm 6 - empty – rm 7 - Nikoli Korsakov: Estonian, keeps to himself mostly. Works the fishing fleets.

=== Roof === – Water tank -
– Solar panels -
– Chicken coop - no chickens but a small flock of ducks. The ducks also share a kiddie pool with Poly the turtle.

=== Out back === – Small flower garden - chairs and table, birdpond. – Large green house - Vegitables for eatin and trade. – Clothsline -
– Field - Wanda lets travellers pitch their tents here and use the house’s kitchen/showers in trade for a little work or barter.

=== Neighborhood === – transportation - On Lev(mag lev bus) line – on left - 20 unit Apt building “Ataris House” – on right - “Tandori Palace” Indian restaurant and private residence(above) – Coffee House - neighborhood cafe. – local recycling depot -
– local ArtSpace - GBA sponsored community center. – local Firehouse - Robot and manned fire fighting equipment. – EZ Happy Donut - Corporate RoboRestaurant air transported into vacant lot a few months ago. Not at all popular and not likely around for much longer. – PAP - Public Access Point. Terminal/link to Net. – residences - Several apartment buildings. – field - Cleared, used for hover bike and flitters. – green areas - Gardens, small parks. Community maintained.