====== Who Invited You? ====== ==== Cast ==== === Staring === ++ Celestine Pearl - (teacher at JB) Raised in The New Morman Chuch. Celestine converted away from the church during her Mission in the ..:bay area#GBA. ++ Manta Ray Lopez //aka// Mannie //aka// Ray” - (junior at JB) A French-Columbian born in Medellin adopted and transported to SanFran at a tender age. Lives in the kropotkin.html|Kropotkin Heights Anarchist Collective with his three parents. ++ Mullettov Gunderson - (junior at JB) Pale German/Swedish/Danish/Finn. Has mechanical legs to replace those blown off in a Flint, MI elementary school during a “kids are bombs” raid on Toshiba-Disney Corp of America. ++ Miakoda - Junior at JB American Indian raised on ..:bay area#Miwok|Miwok Island.

=== Also Staring === ++ Alfonso Paulino de la Cal Delgado - (teacher at JB) Mr. Delgado, “Alfy” to Celestine. Science(software) teacher, Watcher, Spanish Lover. ++ Wendy - (senior at JB) She is 12 years old and an ..:slang#uberkid. She is also The Vampire Slayer.

====== One Big Episode ====== These are the notes I used to run a buffy oneshot that combined most ideas from the entire series in one episode. The original scenarioi “Who Invited You” was only cthe #Spring Break and #Birthday Party

Prep: - Char sheets - PC Mini’s - PC Map - Drama point stones - Clue cards

===== Intro ===== Read Cutscene-Intro

"Being a one-shot this is a lot more directed.  There's wiggle room and
hopefully you'll think up stuff I failed to, not alot though.  But before the
credits roll you're gonna save the day or all die trying.  There is nothing

== Jobs == I have one job, journal keeper. Worth 1dp.

== Pass out characters == Based on what we did long ago I’ve pregenerated characters. No one chose a combat oriented character and it shows. You are really smart and each of you has a rockin skill or ability. To avoid becoming a Cleetus snack you will hafta work together and use the strenghts you do have. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have combat, but when you do fight, fight smart.

Hopefully your skills, abilites, and equipment compliment each other.

Check out your “Role within the group”, “Strengths”, “Weaknesses”. This will give you an idea of what I was thinking while creating this Episode. At some points your char will be darn near useless. Everyone, hopefully, has a place to shine.

Take note of your drawbacks. I have and will deny actions tremendously in conflict with them.

A couple of you have the advantage “contacts”.

== Pick miniratures ==

== Give Mia 1st vision ==

==== How do we play Buffy anyway ====

Drama points: You got 10 not 20, here have some stones 9white 1 red one 1 “Get a break” - form of plot twist. Once only, red stone. 1 “I’m the shin diggy” - +10 bonus to most any roll 1 “But a Scratch” - get back half the life point damage taken so far do it again and again 2 “Righteous Fury!” - You need reasonable cause, get +5 to attacks for 1 combat 5-10 “I’m not dead yet” - 5 comeback next scene, 10 comeback now 3 “Buy a Clue” - These [show cards] a flashing signs this way.
If your floudering buy one.

“I want more” Use them! Horders will be denied. 1 In the buffy style, quotable quotes. 1-2 Be a hero. 1-3 Totaly and unfairly shafted by the director. I shall pay for the privilege.

=== Basic Rolls === ++ The Skill Roll: add you skill, it’s attribute, and a d10. For most skills I’ve precalculated the skill/atribute and listed +x. Just add d10 to that.

++ The Attribute Roll: add the two attributes or double a single attribute add d10

++ Success Levels: See Charsheet. How well you do is a factor sometimes, also things like aiming and feinting add their success levels to the next attack.

++ Opposed Actions: I will say a number and you have to beat it to hit, common for combat.

=== The Wiggins === Scary shit scares you. It is a willpower check. Gunderson and Mia are immune, Gunder cause he grew up having parts of his friends regularly splattered on his face, Mia cause that’s just the kind of girl she is.

=== Combat === Each turn has 3 parts: - Intentions - tell me what you want to do - Initiative - no roll, my supreme wisdom I decide who when - Actions - stuff happens

Each turn you may attack once and defend once (doge or parry).

All those things listed under combat maneuvers are combat maneuvers. I’ve calculated the bonus (add to d10) and the base damage.

The NPC’s don’t roll they have a combat score that you must beat to hit or dodge them. For instance Cleetus score is 14, that means most of you have to roll 9 or 10 or blow a drama point to pop him one in the kisser.

Success levels of attack is added to base damage and any armor is subtracted. The result is damage that gets through. Blunt damage is further reduced by toughness Mannie has 4pts of cause he’s so rubbery and flexible. Pointy/cutty weapons damage is doubled.

Just a few more combat details and we are good to go.

++ Full defense: gets you 2 defense actions and +3 bonus Full attack: bonzai! 2 attacks +2 bonus

++ Armor: Everyone has access to a Julia or GBA militia uniform, see char sheet. It’s worth 10 vs bullets and bash 5 vs slash & stab. Mullettov has a full EOD suit and only hi-caliber guns or magic will jack his legs. Mannie’s parents bought him some tricky armor.

===== Spring Break ===== Read Cutscene-Picnic

School Lunch - Friday

Nice sunny day, birds are chirping, air is sweet with flowers from the garden.

Mannie, Mia, Gunder hanging in the school couryard during lunch, various kids and teachers are milling about. Wendy comes skipping up. “La la la. Perfect the last three of my deliveries” “you, you,” doing a cartwheel and flip “and you.” “Don’t be late, la la la” she sings skipping away.

Maria, popular girl of previous grade, to Gunderson “Um, excuse me what’s your name” with handie enters info “How much can you lift, with those legs I mean” “Do you need to recharge them?” “how long”

She will get scared, screech and run away. Then Apu Weinberge, Jr Varsity arena combat champ comes up to bully. “Hey Dunderson why you picking on girls?”

Keeping him down “Miakoda you’re smart why do you hang with these dorks?”

Just then a lunch tray flies through the air tagging Apu in the back of the knee and he collapses to the ground. Must of been the wind.

Celestine enters: Wendy gave you one ealier [Give Celestine her invite] you were walking up when this happened and feel the urge for some teacher discipline action.

pc time


[Draw Encounter] for way home

small earthquake that evening

===== Birthday Party ====== [Draw Encounter]

Anonymous Gift: Bicycle messenger pedels up “Package for Miss Wendy.” “Ooh that’s me. More presents, more presents” She grabs it Delgado signs for it. “Where’s it from?” “Dude, dispatcher tells me to deliver package, I deliver it. Where it go is all the fo I need to know. btw nice hat, show long!” messenger races off. Meanwhile Wendy has ripped off the outer packaging to reaveal a 10cm metal and plastic cube with a big red button up front. Delgao, “Um, we have a look before we touch?” But Wendy has already pushed the button with both tiny thumbs and a giggle. A small holo-gram of a joker or fool floppy hat checkered cloths and shoes that end in bells. It dances a little jig and sings this tune.

There once was a slayer so tiny.
No one believed she could be so whiny.
When eleven years young
Old man's trap was sprung
And her blood was so red and shiny

Enough rules and intro let’s fight! Everyone Roll Dexterity+Perception tell me your success levels. The sit awarness people get+2


Gunder get Chaingun

Cube transmits handy network

“You, you meanie! My party is ruined. I’m gonna ruin your face”

“Now now, little slayer child don’t hasten to your demise”

“Ooh, I’ll hasten wence I please. Were are you?”

“Ah, Tis not time for your last whine. The iron tongue of midnight hath not yet told twelve”

Delgado smashes if someone else does not.

“I suggest we continue this party in a private residence”

[Draw Encounter]

tremors 2,3,4 that evening

===== Cleetus Learns to Fly ===== BlimpNet Access Point Seven

Couple mook vamps to fight, Cleetus runs up roof hacks cable flys away

===== The Pieces Parts ===== The following three sections happen in any order, they all must happen before Silo Showdown

==== Complications ===== Events that happen sometime during the Pieces Parts:

++ Slayer From Heaven - Starsider “lands” read Cutscene-Beach

++ Delgado Done Gone - Delgado kidnapped by badguys

++ Rainstorm - should happen towards end of PP and must not clear before hand.

++ Encounters - Draw some

++ Tremors -

==== The Sceptor ==== [Draw Encounter] for trip there

Encounter Urchins Wailing on Cleetus

==== The Ashes ==== [Draw Encounter] trip there

Earthquake collapses building

==== The Book ==== [Draw Encounter] trip there

Two books “Flower Ornement Scripture” “Book of Harmony and Balance”

“Exiled and punished to stay here and contemplate my inaction. But, too distracted am I here, too distracted.”, looks over, “Desire for my former post has blown away with time.”

Mental Challange: Pau Lin sniff’s challanger. “Young miss honor forbides this contest. Smart you are perhaps the smartest mortal alive. Compared to a prince of the Celestial Kingdom it is but a drop in the ocean.”

Physical Challenge: ???

Outcomes: build sat network link for Pau Lin talk old movies with Pau Lin

===== Silo Showdown ===== Read Cutscene-Video

Rainstorm clears!

Starsider bites it


Tremors 10 & 11

== Silo == “What a load off my mind, thanks for bringin those trinkets along. I can’t tell you how relieved I am knowing they will shortly be destroyed.”

“Hold hands around this terminal” blink, blink. “Now!”

Bzzzt break time

===== Strawberry Hill ===== You can’t see, everything is dark. You feel like the water rushing down a stream, drops of water passing from rock to rock, node to node. You begin to understand you find yourselfs standing in a clearing on top of a wooded hill. There is a 5-8m depression in the ground with some sort of natural alter at one end. Off to the side there is a large portable fuel cell and beyond that a Sat Dish. Cables from the dish and cell run into a very trick looking rack of computers. Several more cables run from the computers to the center of the depression and up into a glowing, shimmering ball of light. In the middle of this light sits lotus style a middle aged women with long straight brown hair. Her eyes are closed and her face wears a serene smile. It is hard to stare at the light but she appears to be au natural.

“Hello I am the old man of the net otherwise known as Willow.” her lips have not moved.

“stike 12” large earthquake the bad guys are comming

===== City of Dead - Colma ===== Mini cutscene: The wind is blowing ground is shaking, the full moon fights with billowing clouds to illumenate cemetary hill in Colma. Cleetus with complete gargoyle suit stands on the summit. Celestine is trudging up. Zombies are crawling out of thier graves and marching in shambling columns North and South.

Spike through speakers on Cleetus “Yes, my prieties. Go go!”Next time cleetus we really gotta get some flying monkies.”

Yes Master. leech

Willow rings and says “Somone has to cross over, ah to thier side.” “It’s one way I can’t bring you back. The best I can offer is to fork your soul and bring part of it into the net.” “Not like Spike, he’s just a program, you would be a soul using the net instead of flesh for your body.”