7/29/2086 (16yrs) Amer indian, athletic

Red Feather - council elder wise, tender, caring, strict took interest in you

Grew up on Miwok(Angel) Island in tribal community Women teach and heal men work an build.

Selected by council to be sent to GBA and learn technical things.

Loyal to tribe, belief in great spirit and karma, naive, shy enthusiatic dutiful not materialistic or jealus. a little culture shock

Would like to build robots but tribes don’t use robots.


Home schooled (Tribal)

Learned about Alcatraz and its forticications

friend - Little Squirrel, friendly with animals - herbal healing - stayed on Miwok

Advantage: visions Drawback: obligation to tribe

Activites: - taking things apart - tribal dances and festivites - tribal skills swimming archery weaving sandsculpitng - tribal history

Middle school 2199-00

Part of Julia Butterfly School

Curious to see the whole world, left tribe for school

GBA declares its independent and self-governing NYE 2099

Activites: - lives at Hotel International Boarding House with 1 other Tribal student - vison over tribal tea with Wanda Jennings future path not going the way the tribal council expects - Basic Shop (Nameless, forgotten teacher) - Summer spent with tribe on Miwok Island

Freshman 2101

Julia Butterfly School

Begain to look around outside set path, people began to disappear. (one of your fellow Tribal students. In Fall “Thunder Feather” is sent by Tribe to watch over you and other students.)

Become friends with Mannie, often eat lunch together. Mullettov would join you if he wasn’t being beat up bullies.

Activites: - lives at HIBH with 2 other Tribal students, one disappears, “Thuder Feather” comes in Fall - Robot club with Mullettov, Mrs. Mandy Lee is teacher facilitator - Mech Shop (Karl Ochi) with Mullettov - Software 1 (Delgato) with Mullettov - Over summer, return to Miwok Island

Sophmore 2102

Julia Butterfly School

Karl Ochi, shop teacher, disapears. New teacher, Rao, nicer.

Mullettov changes name to Peter, has new legs from last years senior shop project. You, Manie, Mrs Pearl hang out at lunch every day. Mullettov would join you if he wasn’t running away from bullies with his new fast legs

You and Mrs Pearl hang out at the HIBH and with Wanda too

Being very excited to be back in ‘the shop’ with big tools after summer. Mrs Rao says you can stay after school and work on side projects whenever she or another tech teacher had to work late. It was strictly BYOM So, you spent many hours exploring and searching the kiple. Once you lost track of time and it got dark You missed most of the fight but her kung-fu was incredible. On the way to the Lev station you tell Wendy she should join the MA team. She says they don’t let kids her age in and runs off just as the Lev arrives

Activites: - lives at HIBH Boarding House with “Thunder Feather” - Robot club with Mullettov, Mrs. Mandy Lee is teacher facilitator - Advanced Shop (Rao) - Elec Shop (Chandrasekar) with Mullettov (quiz out of Hardware 1 req) - Over summer, return to Miwok - Apu Weinberger has crush on you, but he’s a jerk.

Junior 2103

Julia Butterfly School

Toying with rebellion (skipping meditations, even cut class with mannie once)

Thinking about spending this summer travelling the GBA instead of going back to Miwok Island.

You know that there are inhuman forces at work in the world, you’ve seen Coyotee’s tracks during spirit visions. And you know Wendigo’s are real as several elders you know have fought them. Jesus is just another white person myth like St Nick and the Easter Bunny. But, some non-indians have strong medicine and your elders taught you to be suspicious of their powers and motives.

Activites: - lives at HIBH Boarding House with “Thunder Feather” and two other Tribal students - Robot club with Mullettov, Mrs. Mandy Lee is teacher facilitator - 2nd yr Elec Shop (Chandrasekar) with Mullettov - Weapons Shop (Puma)


Being a tribal member you are not a Citizen of the GBA.

To enter the spirit realm and have visions you must perform a ritual which involves consuming sacred mushrooms. These must be collected in the wild. There are various sacred times & places which tend to produce longer, more profound visions.

You will not take any form of hallucenagin other than ritual mushrooms.

Mr Fix it Obligation tribal Naive Good luck vision situational awareness