Manta Ray Lopez

aka Mannie, aka Ray

Born 6/23/2086 (17yrs) French - Columbian black hair, brown eyes, skinny build

Real parents died in the Medellin Anarchist uprisings of 2090 adopted through “Save the Urchins” by 3 lesbian clones

Grew up in Kropotkin Heights Anarchist Collective, KH.

Mother - Steve1 Incept Date? Designs Hover bikes. Some of which are made in KH others are licensed for manufacture and sale in the Corporate lands where Steve’s designs have become quite popular.

Mother - Steve2 Incept Date? Writes Interactive soaps??

Mother - Steve3 Incept Date? Does??


Sanchez School (in KH)

Likes learning, biology.
Meets kids not raised in the streets

Spends time with books and plants on rooftops of Kropotkin

Middle school 2199-00

Sanchez School (in KH)

NYE 2099 Anarchist Jubilee Festival overshadowed GBA’s declarartion of independence

Waylayed by puberty Growing interest in magic

Activites: - Spends time with books, plants, and critters on rooftops and basements of Kropotkin - Living in Kropotkin

Freshman 2101

Julia Butterfly School

Become friends with Angie, often eat lunch together. Watching Mullettov get beat up by bullies everyday makes you take MA

Shoplifting around SanFran district.

Activites: - Biology (Mrs. Blackburn) - MA (Capt Yamazaki) - Living in Kropotkin

Sophmore 2102

Julia Butterfly School

You, Angie, Mrs Pearl hang out at lunch every day. Mullettov would join you if he wasn’t running away from bullies with his new fast legs.

Steve gives you your first hover bike.

The Armed Atheists, a group in KH, who all but died out after their big “war” with the Hill Topers(christian enclave) are gaining membership. Mostly due the increasing number of Collective members who go missing which the AA blame on forced conversion & other aggression by christians. People come and go in the collective all the time and most believe the AA are being a bit paranoid and a bit crazy, both true.

Activites: - Organics (Mrs. Blackburn) - Horticulture (Miss Martinez) - Joined the MA Team, first extra-curricular school activity - Living in Kropotkin

Junior 2103

Julia Butterfly School

During the Winter Thingol the Armed Atheists make an official request for the collective to force the Christians out of SFDist by petition to the GBA or more direct means. The collective votes this down stating that collective doesn’t interfere and its members take care of their own business. The AA commenses open and direct hostilites against SFDist Christians, mostly hill-topers. There has been much vandalism, several large brawls, but no reported deaths. SFDist or the GBA are likely to start pressuing KH to put a stop to this. The collective is divided, the Summer Thingol is going to be one of KH’s most important.

Activites: - Gene Tech (Mrs. Blackburn) - Hindi (Mr. Sur Rana) - Living in Kropotkin

Any boy/girl friends sofar?

Steve2 has maintained GBA citizenship which grants you citizenship if/when you want it.