Interlude - the silo

dim interior, lit by glow of computers, screesn and 3 by 5 video wall.

The dim light reveals a low ceilinged interior, bare concrete walls and exposed pipes. No windows, and little furniture other than tables and racks for the multitude of electronics filling the place. Power and network cords are strewn about, over tables, from the ceiling, in thick tangles on the floor. Dust slowly circumnavigates, pushed by the ancient ventalation system. The kind of system only undergound military facilities have. What feeble illumination exists comes from a half dozen computer monitors and a pieced together, ramshackle of a video wall. Three high and five wide, all fifteen screens of the wall are playing horror movies, “Night of the living dead”, “Return of the living dead”, “Cemetery Man”, the “Evil Dead” series, “Cyberzombies from Hell”, “Dead Alive”, “Le Lac des Morts Vivants”, “Santo Contra los Zombies”.

The fifteen soundtracks are momentarly drowned out by the hollow clanging of a hand knocking on metal.

“Yes, enter.” an annoyed voice says from the speakers of a computer set up for teleconferencing.

Stubornly a great steel blast door slides open. It’s several ton weight almost too much for the vampire tugging at it.

“What is it Cleetus?” continues the speakers.

Tripping over a mound of power cables while threading his way through the towers of computers and communication equipment he eventually reaches the teleconference computer.

“Uh, They’re…”

“Watch it now. Your blocking my view. How you ever get out of Alabama is beyond me.”

Moving to the side so the teleconference camera had a clear view of the video wall Cleetus replied “Uh, I walked.”

“Yeah, And?”

“I walked more until I got to Arkan…”

“No idiot, you came here, interupted my enjoyable research, to tell me what?”

“Oh, yeah. Um, they’re gonna figure out da plan. Those kids, I mean, they smart.”

“Don’t worry my pea-brained peon. They’re even more pathetic than the original scoobies And believe me I know, I was there.”

“But, Da woma…”

“She’s nothing to get your nickers in a tangle over. And the only other one with a touch of competence, is well he’s indisposed.”

Cleetus didn’t know what indisposed meant but like all good lackies he could recognize a que to laugh. His snortleling was soon joined by a cackle from the speakers. From the corner in which he was tied to a chair, gagged and hung upside down Delgado looked on in disgust, spun slowly around and looked on in disgust.