The Past -

“The First” never happened. Although, Buffy and friends did eventually take the Sunnyvale hell-mouth off-line. It’s nice and peaceful there now.

Buffy Summers was and remains the only slayer to have retired in the non-dead sense of the word. In her mid-thirties The Reformed Council absolved her of all slayer duties. Buffy & Faith had dominated so totally that having one slayer go make babies and be a soccer mom was doable. After many years of peaceful home life Buffy died of old age surrounded by friends and family, awwwwh.

Willow’s magical powers rank her with the likes of Merlin, Akhnaten, and Lilith. Responsible for numerous Earth altering events; such as preventing several wars, stopping various and sundry demonic “end-the-world” plots and even shutting down an interdimensional invasion. Throughout everything Willow remained anonymous, always on the sidelines, always allowing others the credit. A feat undeniably hers is the perfection of techomancy or use of magic with technology primarily the casting of spells over, through and on computer and communication networks. After Buffy’s retirement Willow became even more reclusive and cast powerful wards to ensure her privacy. In the past, many claimed to have seen Willow or recognize her handiwork but the only verifiable appearance was at Buffy’s wake. Where, interestingly enough, she showed no signs of physical or magical weakness despite qualifying for the “silver discount”.

Spike. Well he didn’t burn up in flames of martyrdom. Never accepted by the “good guys” and no longer evil he led a lonely and troubled existence. Spike was there kicking ass alongside the slayers until Buffy retired. He was the one to put down Angelicus after Angel lost his soul yet again. Sadly, Buffy never forgave him for dusting her first love and he became even more bitter and spiteful towards slayers and scoobies. Spike crashed Buffy’s wake where his drunken rantings forced Willow to pop open a can of magical whoopass. After that, little is known of Spike’s wanderings. The Reformed Council believes and hopes he has finally been allowed to rest.

Giles led the reformation of the Watcher’s Council. It is now called The Reformed Council and is not as bastardly. Made into a vampire by Angelicus, killed shortly thereafter by the slayer.

By the time Buffy’s replacement slayer made the scene the forces of evil were ready to go off. The dual slayers and other anti-demon forces slowed their resurgence to a creep. That worked like butter until the last decade of the 21st century when one of the slayer’s went done gone. She’s not dead as no replacement slayer has materialized. After some crazy spells The Reformed Council has divined she is cyrogenically frozen and in orbit. Whether put there by vamps, a government agency, or corporate interests and what the hell for they remain at a complete loss.

Most corporate boards are aware of vampires and the occult. Few executives “get it” when it comes to supernatural blood-suckers. Fewer still realize vampires are the low-end of the demon power scale and there are bigger bads to loose sleep over. They view vampire’s as just another risk to plan for. Magic, mystism, and other occult powers aren’t line items on the budget. Corporations try to ignore the para-normal and when that fails, specialy trained black-ops units are sent in but often do not come out.

Shamans, witches and other practitioners have little use for the mundane power corporations offer. And by necessity nearly all gravitate towards a more or less active anti-demon lifestyle. Although, there have been a few notable conversions to the dark side.

The Today, 2104 -

You all live in or near the GBA which declared itself NYE 2099 a short four years ago.

Soon after it’s declaration Mrs Pearl moved to the GBA and got a room at the HIBH. She became Julia’s music teacher when the previous up and dissappeared. Making her the youngest and coolest teacher at Julia. Since she has become one of the gang bullies that tries to pick on you seems to have bad luck; books falling on them, tripping over chairs, pants slipping off.

Miakoda is a citizen of Nation of All Tribes not the GBA. She attends Julia but return’s to Miwok Island over the summer. She also lives at HIBH. Sharing a room with two younger tribe sisters and Thunder Feather their adult supervision. Wickedly smart, she snags top honors in every shop tech competition entered. She instantly liked Mannie for being everything the solem tribe elders were not.

Mannie was born in Columbia but raised in KH by his three adoptive parents. This is only his second year at Julia being schooled within KH previously. Mannie is very small and could bend into a pretzel even before getting stupid with Yoga. When he’s not watching old movies on his handie he’s scamming the seniors or showing off one of his magic tricks. Best friends with Gunderson who often carries Mannie around on his shoulders.

Gunderson had his legs blown off in Michigan. Last year the senior shop class’s project was to make cybernetic legs for him. On graduation day Mr. Ochi, the shopteach, presented him with the ultra spiffy robo limbs. After that Gunderson was called the “six million dollar dork” until he kicked one of the bullies into a week of traction. Sadly, Mr. Ochi, Gunderson’s and Miakoda’s mentor has since joined the missing, assumed dead list. Gunderson lives with his mother in a small apartment near KH. He thinks you’re all gonna die, sooner rather than later.

Wendy the slayer is only 11 yrs old. She has a condition that makers her very, very smart but will kick the proverbial bucket before she’s 24. A bit of a brat, mostly she just lacks the emoutional wiring to relate normally. You and Delgato are her only friends. Although, she thinks of you and treats you more like one of her pets.

Delgado the watcher is a software teacher at Julia. Older, but nice enough. Dresses funny, very protective of Wendy. He’s always busy and doesn’t hang out much.

You all know demons exist, that Wendy’s a slayer, that Delgato’s a watcher and exactly what all that means.

It’s the Friday before Spring Break, whoo hooo!