Celestine Pearl

Born in N. AZ to middle class New mormon couple Birthday //2081 (22yrs)

Fair skin, black hair, blue eyes, thin build

Father - Harrison Pearl, Bishop in Church Born 2059 (44yrs) born Salt-Lake City, Utah Capital of the Mormon State cold, leader, obsessed. Rising in church leadership, needs to reconvert daughter no relations since left church

Momma - 11 neomoms and 32 neosibs

Ito aka John Doe - Leader of local cell Born 2056 (47yrs) charismatic, paranoid, narcisitic, replacement father figure seeks to learn the big secret

Early Life

Northern Arizona Mormon Enclave Drawbacks: -2 Dependent -3 Zealot

Aspect: Religious

Lower School 2992-2998

Drawback: Advantage: +4 Occult ? secret Activites: - Left church, home. Moved to GBA age 17-18? - Converted to “Do you have a secret? we can help you!” - Performed “Secret Ritual” revelation of the secret will result in death.

College 2998-2101

Conservatory of Musitech in Alameda District? GBA declares its independent and self-governing NYE 2099

Drawback: -2 showoff Advantage: +10 Sorcery +2 artist Activites: - Studied Violin, graduated with honors - study occultism & magic with group - Moves too SFDist few months after graduation late summer.

2101 (Freshman yr for friends)

Starts Journal Fears & secrets, paranoid delusions, continue personal work w/sorcery was a loner Drawback: -3 coward Advantage: Activites: - Pursuing delusions - occult & sorcerous research throughout GBA - Lives at “Hotel International Boarding House”, very late on bills, eventually pays it all.

2102 (Sophmore yr for friends)

TA for Mr. Diez, Music teacher at Julia Butterfly High School

Came out of shell / forming attachments / still little paranoid Hang out with kids, mostly Mannie/Miakoda, in kitchen/lunchroom. Their friend Mullettov/Peter is usually running away from bullies. They can’t catch him with his robot legs. Occasionally you practice a small spell causing the bullies to fall into the compost bin or some such.

Spend some time with Miakoda and Wanda Jennings at HIBH where you all live.

Drawback: Advantage: -1 recuring nightmares Activites: - P/T worked with Penelope Martinez, JB’s horticulture teacher and Queen of the kitchen - Lives at HIBH

2103 (Junior yr for friends)

Music teacher at Julia Butterfly High School.

Activites: - Fling with Mr. Delgato - Lives at HIBH


You are now, since getting teacher job, a full citizen of the GBA.