Bay Area, 2103

===== History ===== As the WWW expanded into every aspect of life and each succesive generation knew less about any other way of living or communicating, crowding humans together in cities and going places to buy or do stuff became less and less important. Corporations abandoned the cities. Lacking the property and other business taxes the cites deteriated, encouraging more people and business to leave. Eventually, everyone that could had moved out.

May 14, 2070 a magnatude 8.9 earthquake rocked the Bay Area(//“the shake”//). The Golden Gate’s north tower crashed into the bay dragging most of the span with it. BART2 and the Coastal MagLev were totaled up and down the peninnsula all the way to the SJPA Autonomous Economic Zone. The “Pepsi Cola” dike, built to hold back the rising oceans, mostly held. Nearly all the local utility and transportation infrastructure was devastated. Over 40% of all private property was knocked or burnt down. Most of the rest was condemnable or destroyed during the ensuing month long riots(//“the burn”//). No one rushed to rebuild the city that was half-empty anyway. Plans were drawn up to repair the Coastal MagLev up the eastern side of the bay, no money for the project ever materialized. The Bay Bridge which had been newly hardened(vs terrorists) in 2043 was one of the few large structures to survive. Within a decade CALTRANS elected to tear it down rather than pay to maintain it.

Most corporations had already reloacted their data centers and network infrastructure to geologically stable Sacramento or further afield. 90% of their workers telecommuted from slang|PRD's (Planned Rural Developements gated communities or various other quiet, safe, controlled areas. The #USA and the world wrote the Bay Area off as a bad investment.

Soon, after the shake and burn San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the rest of the Bay Area fell into near anarchy. Only a few enclaves maintained a semblance of order and a stablity. The largest of these, based around the old public power generation facility and grid, slowly united the enclaves and “reclaims” much of the city. By 2103 there is a democraticly run “city-state” the #GBA, Greater Bay Area. It controls large parts of what was once refered to as “The Bay Area”. Gaining defacto autonomy since, as of yet, the #GBA rulership has been carefull not to give anyone a reason to care what happens around SF Bay.

Oh yeah, the earthquake also opened a hellmouth & legions of the dead are conviently close, in|Colma :)

===== On Location ===== == SanFran District == sfdistrict|SanFran District is part of, the ass part of, the #GBA. It is home, crumbling home, to 120,000 living and an annoying number of undead.

The majority of the ./episodes/who invited you|season one is shot here.

== Other District == FIXME

== Alcatraz Island == Seized by the Indians of All Tribes(IAT) in Nov 2069, on the 100 year anniversary of the first Indian reoccupation. Since the slang|shake and burn IAT has heavily fortifed it with low-tech, hi-tech and magic. It is a no-go zone for non-indians. Violaters are killed dead by organized, trained, buffed indian warrior braves.

== Miwok Island == //Formerly Angel Island//
(Re)occupied and developed by IAT starting in the summer of 2072. It provides grow-food land, living space, and is the epicenter of tribal life for the IAT. Non-tribesmen are unwelcommed but not killed on sight.

== Marin Headlands == Not part of bay area#GBA. The IAT has several camps and grow-food areas here. There are also several well-defended corporate slang|PRD’s all over the North Bay.

== GBA == (The Greater Bay Area)

The GBA encompases most of The Peninsula, East Bay, and South Bay. It is hemmed in the east by the Coastal Hills Range, in the north by El Cerrito, and includes all of San Jose in the south. These are not fixed, recognized boundries. They are the places in which more people claim to be part of the GBA rather than part of something else. Within this area are many large and small tracts that are uncontrolled, controlled by other entities(IAT, Corporations, Government, Independent Townships, etc.) or are just not fit for continuous habitation.

Formed out of the people who had not abandoned the Bay Area before and who lived through the slang|shake and burn. Definately not your common coporate zomboids; neo-hippies, anarchists, liberterians, cypherpunks, survivalists, technopagens, cultists, crusties, crunchies, FOB’s, freaks, and a medley of other sub-cultures. They share common attributes of DIY, freedom, independence, multi-culturalism, and equality.

The GBA is divided into districts. Each district has its own locally elected council, a militia, and is largely self-governing but all subscribe to|“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. The GBA itself has an overall council elected by its citizens and a “militia” which is more of a standing para-military force than the district militias.

A tough place to live, the GBA is walk in the park compared to most “slang|unregulated” areas and in its citizens opinions far, far better than being a corporate drone.

===== The World (Cliff notes version) ===== Bay Area folk are concerned with local issues like //“will my home still be there”.// Peeps don’t travel much anymore, it’s a major ubersuck and why stress when everything needfull can be got over The Net, no muss, no fuss.

The rest of the world is Mootvile to them, but here is what is known.

== Corporate lands == The area that was formerly California, Oregon, Washington and a few other states, is now corporate controlled or “slang|unregulated”. A very few independent townships struggle on. The state and local governments themselves have been voted out of existance(privatized). Much of the rest of the world has suffered similar corporate takeovers.

== USA == What remains consists of the Northeastern, Midatlantic and most of the Midwestern states. Corporations control everything through Federal and state government proxies.

== EU == A govermental facade. Ruled overtly and absolutely by corporations.

== PRC == One of the few powerfull nation-states that is not a corporate puppet.

== Indian Federation == India, surrounding lands, parts of Africa. PRC’s chief competitor as top non-corporate nation-state.

== Canada == Around 2037 Canuks saw that they liked Szechwan food and disliked being threatened by the USA. Meanwhile the PRC took note of Canada’s enormous freshwater reserves and vast empty lands. Soon the Sino-Can accords were signed.

After years of immigration, mutual defense, joint space exploration, Martian colonization the PRC and Canada are like brother peas in the co-prosperity pod.

== God’s own Republic of Texas == Texas, Mexico and most of the Southern states.

== The Free State of Utah == North of RFSU.

== The Real Free State of Utah == South of FSU.