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2024 DAK-a-Day^H^H^HWeek Solo Campaign

Around Feb ‘24 got the itch to get my DAK on. Which occurs every 2-3 years. Always solo. Usually OCS DAKII, rarely Campaign for North Africa. Sometimes pushing cardboard. Sometimes on VASSAL. Always full campaign, including Italians. Having a blast. Invariably, something (other game, programming project, going outside) catches my interest. Or, life causes week long interruption, which leads to month long interruption. Whatever the reasons I never finish.

Thought if I committed to One Turn a day (and v/blogging it). That would keep me going. Spent the last couple weeks catching up. It’s 27th of Feb now. One Turn every day is too short “sessions”. Altering (before I even start) to one in-game OCS month per real world week. I’ll be able play through Jun41 by Mar 4th, ten weeks. 10 AARs will take longer…

Download Directory of VASSAL .vsavs and .vlog file play through. There’s one vlog and two vsavs per day/game turn. The saves are the end of the each side’s turn. Side going first indicated with ‘a’, second with ‘b’. Also a Campaign Setup with starting positions. The VASSAL DAKII module.

Blogged AARs, written, tongue-in-cheek, biased, Italian perspective.

DAK Options in play

(h) indicates historical.


  • 6.1a The Egyptian National Army - Mostly because VASSAL mod already had them set up.

  • 6.1b Escarpments - How could you not play with this!


  • 6.2a Italian AT units - I’m Italian biased, at least pertaining to WWII.

  • 6.2e Case Blue and the 287 Sonderverband Regiment

  • 6.2f Balbo Lives!

  • 6.2k Battaglione Speciale Arditi

  • 6.2l (h) The Italian Truck Shuffle - I will forget to use this.

  • 6.2p (h) Panzer Supply Columns

  • 6.2q (h) KG Hecker

  • 6.2r (h) 300 zvb Oasis Battalion - Chrome is shiny.

  • 6.2t (h) Battlefield Vehicle Recovery - Panzers are shinier.


  • 6.3b Vyvyan Pope Lives! - Only fair since Italy got theirs.

  • 6.3f (h) 8th Arm Div (dummy)

  • 6.3g (h) British Amphibious Operation

Series Options / HR in play

  • Not 21.4 Long Range Air - I like this conceptually but I forget or can’t be arsed to do the ranging.

  • 21.5 Rebasing Limits - Probably will forget to apply.

  • 21.10 Supply Caches - This is bacon.

  • 21.11 Construction - As per SoP, I forget to apply this.

    • Big Hogs. N/A

    • Small Ports. The cost of Port Repair (19.0d) is reduced to the port’s current capacity.

    • Hog Reduction. Hedgehog counter is reduced by one level when captured. [I have forgotten this… Not sure it should apply to DAK…]

  • HR-4. Reserves & Hogs (5.7g) - Personally, I make extensive use of Reserve Artillery to break up attacks. Sucks can’t do this in “defensive” position.

  • HR-8. Barrage losses - Are randomized.

  • HR-17. SP Arty (21.10) Artillery with a Track MA can barrage during Reaction and Exploitation even if not in Reserve Mode.

Personal HR

  • Events are cool. Re-roll 11-12 No Event. If Rare event is N/A re-roll once on Rare table.