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Party Origins

Roll up character use game mechanics to write story. This is from the FIXME commercial game system.

====== Player Questions ======

===== Campaign Theme ===== The PCs vs. The World: The PCs are all outcasts of some kind that must band together to fulfill individual plotlines, survive and find acceptance in the world.

The PCs as Part of an Organization vs. Other Organizations: The PCs are members of a guild, religious order or similar organization that will be co-developed with the players, and must compete against rival organizations.

The PCs as Roving Adventurers: The PCs are professional treasure-hunters of some persuasion. This theme will require more development and roleplaying than ?we do it for lack of anything better to do?.

The PCs on Their Own: The PCs move through the world, self motivated, trying to fulfill their personal goals with little affiliation with a larger group. This theme will require the most explanation of why the PCs work together.

The PCs as a Complete Mystery: The party begins play together with no previous knowledge of their lives, and must discover who they are, where they came from, and their role in the world.

===== Campaign Elements =====

Please rate (circle) the following campaign elements in order of importance to you.
1 = Not Important, 5 = Very Important

Action ? 1 2 3 4 5

Adventure ? 1 2 3 4 5

Intrigue ? 1 2 3 4 5

Comedy ? 1 2 3 4 5

Romance ? 1 2 3 4 5

Horror ? 1 2 3 4 5

===== More or Less =====

As compared with our previous D&D game, would you like to see less, more, or about the same of the following?

Weaker NPCs: Less Same More

Comparable NPCs: Less Same More

Powerful NPCs: Less Same More

Overall # of NPCs: Less Same More

Political Intrigue: Less Same More

Magical Items: Less Same More

Combat: Less Same More

Skill Use: Less Same More

Focus on Character-Specific Plots: Less Same More

Dungeon-Crawling Adventures: Less Same More

City Adventures: Less Same More

Wilderness Adventures: Less Same More

World Travel: Less Same More

Puzzles/Riddles: Less Same More

Random Encounters: Less Same More

Player Preferences

===== Preferences =====

Do you like the idea of a player keeping track of the calendar and chronicling events, possibly in the form of an in-game journal maintained by a character? (circle ? YES NO). If yes, would you be willing to take on that responsibility? (YES NO) How about for a progressive XP reward based on consistency and detail? (YES NO)

Do you think the game would benefit from a weekly ?newsletter? style sheet that kept track of NPCs, story-arcs, important facts, party goals, etc, in-between gaming sessions? (YES NO)

Would you like to see to-scale maps and miniatures used more often, particularly in combat situations? (YES NO)

Are there any types of creatures or NPCs that you would like to encounter during the game (ie, fey, elves, dwarves, paladins, shedu)? (Please write in below.)

Are there any types of creatures or NPCs that you specifically do not want to encounter during the game (ie, dragons, vampires, undead)? (Please write in below.)

Would you prefer to set a specific snack/drink rotation, or do you prefer to keep it helter-skelter as with previous experience? (circle ? specific rotation helter-skelter)

======Character Character Creation ====== acceptance¬ /downloads/names-first.txt /downloads/names-male.txt /downloads/names-female.txt /downloads/names-daoc.txt

Character generation RPG Tips .rpgtips:issue74|Issue 74

Character questionaire RPG Tips .rpgtips:issue74|Issue 67 & .rpgtips:issue74|Issue 68

/downloads/Character Profile Questionaire.pdf

Character Creation Questions

Beware of asking tough & important questions too early. * Fill out character questions during play * Create character during play * You are low-lvl, don’t write that you are the greatest swordsman in the land. Rather you will become the greatest swordsman in the land. OK to ‘think’ you are greatest. * Have one or more personal goals, large or small.