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Staff of Kayzar: The staff is a six foot long piece of dark oak wood with five runes of power (command words?) etched into the wood. It operates at 5th level of magic use and can be recharged.

The wielder of the staff gains the following abilities while holding the staff in hand(s): * +1 to hit/damage+1 on saving throws vs. magic (spell, wand, staff, rod) and breath weapons * +1 AC (provided the wizard is not wearing armor)

The staff has the following powers and each power has the number of charges required next to it in parenthesis: * magic missile (1) * shield (1) * knock (2) * wizard lock (2) * lightning bolt (3)

The staff was created by its namesake somewhere around 570 C.Y. Kayzar is a wizard of some power originally from the Duchy of Ulek with ties to a local barony. If not for his gradual change towards evil, he might be baron today instead of his brother.

Kayzar was defeated in his tower in the Dim Forest by a band of adventurers in the common year 577. The staff passed on to the wizard in the party at that time. Since then, the staff has been passed around to several wizards but recently it was taken from the corpse of Zaphod, a former apprentice of Kayzar, and placed in the treasury in Waybury.

The bard Harmony Nightingale of Waybury notes, “All who have possessed the staff for an extended period of time have perished; most were killed by their enemies in combat.”

She also speculates on two rumors concerning the staff.

“Supposedly, one can trigger the staff’s powers by thought rather than by the traditional method of speaking command words. One simply focuses one’s will on the staff and mentally speaks the command word to activate a power.”

“The other rumor claims that the staff’s creator, in this case Kayzar, can summon the staff to his hand at any time regardless of distance. I find this highly unlikely since I know for a fact he is alive so why hasn’t he called the staff back to him these last few years? Both of these rumors are just that but I place a little more faith in the first one.”