Note on demonic items: Demonic items are made binding a demon inside an object. Breakin the item, the demon instantly returns to its home plane. If the item is destroyed in the demon’s plane, the demon appears, free. These items are made by the Demonologist class, which I will sooner or later translate to English.

Baphomet Battle Axe The minotaur god gives this weapon only to a few servants. It’s an enormous axe, but it is still light enough to be used with a single hand by a person with 18/00 strenght or plus. Its blade is made of a metal which emits eerie reddish reflexes and its handle is of finely worked ebony with the symbols of Baphomet. It’s a +4 battle axe to hit and damage and to the critical hit chance (it causes a critical hit with a 16 or more hit roll). It also casts a dispel magic (as if cast by an eigth level character) to any spell effect it touches.

Black Dagger This item is a property of the Blackdagger from uncountable generations, and it also gave the name to the family. It’s a +4 to hit and damage weapon, which generates around the hilt a sort of unseen force field which acts as a magical shield, giving +4 to the AC of the user. The dagger protects completely from all light-based attacks, and if it hits a creature particularly vulnerable to darkness such as a light elemental it inflicts twice the maximum damage possible and must roll a ST versus death or die immediately. When the dagger hits, the target must roll a ST versus spells or become blind for as many rounds as the damage inflicted.

Cursed Pin (demonic item) A steel pin with a ruby head. It has bound a Nabassu Fledgling and it permits the wearer to use the gaze of the Nabassu once per day (see the description of the demon). This item has Intelligence 13, Ego 10 and is Chaotic Evil.

Fast Staff +2 This weapon applies its modifier to the speed factor too, so it has +2 to hit and damage and speed 2. Also other fast weapons are possible but are exceptionally rare.

Fish Ring A ring shaped like a fish which is eating its tail. It allow the wearer to turn into a common fish, like those on Monstrous Manual, not longer than 30 cm., without special abilities, once a day, and to return to the former shape. No system shock roll is required.

Glen’s Gift This silvery amulet was given to her beloved by the wizardess Glen and it has the same ability of the Lifesaver Amulet (it doesn’t disintegrate after use, but it still loses the power), with the difference that it teleports the maker of the amulet at home together with the owner. It also enables the two to freely communicate in a radius of eight kilometers.

Huggan’s Cylinder It is made of two coassial cylinder, one inside the other. The smaller cylinder is a psionic item with Int 12 and Ego 3 and the outer one is a true magical item. Rotating the cylinders a variable dimension field (up to three meeters of radius) is generated, which prevents spying or scrying both magically and psionically. Anybody viewing the effect area from outside will only see a silent black sphere, independently of what’s happening inside. The item has twelve charges (which consist of PSPs and magical energy); maintaining a field of X meters radius costs X charges per turn. The item regains one charge per turn.

Jewel of the Sun A golden amulet which represents the image of the Sun. The amulet can be activated to create Magical Light at will and Ray of Sun once per day. During the day, it gives +2 to AC and ST.

Lifesaver Amulet A bone pendant which teleports without error its owner to his house if he is about to suffer a fatal wound. The pendant disintegrates after use.

Long Sword “Psychic Vampire” It’s a unique item. The sword is +3 to hit and damage, but when used against psionics, psionic dragons or other creature which make massive use of psionics (including Illithids) becomes +3 to hit and +5 to damage. The sword emits an odd field, which can’t be individuated or identified, which protects from Ilsensine’s psychic activity, in the Outlands (if the god consciously wills it, it can destroy the field). The sword, when wielded against an intelligent creature, absorbs its soul: this lowers the Wisdom of the creature to 8, if it wasn’t already lower (including Intuition and Willpower; the characteristic cannot be raised above 8 by any mean), eliminates its alignment to all respects (the creature can be considered Neutral like animals) and every experience he gains is reduced by 40%. Being the Wisdom 8, the creature can’t use psionic ability. Only a divine intervention can restore the soul. The creature can make a ST vs. Death, modified by Wisdom, to avoid the destruction of his soul. The sword, if damaged, can rebuild itself slowly, provided that the hilt remains. It can regenerate the whole blade in a month. The sword has a brass hilt with a large sapphire and has a greenish blade with darker veins. Watching it closely, it seems that the veins are slowly moving.

Potion of Fear (demonic item) This potion contains the essence of an Osyluth. He who drinks this potion causes fear in a radius of 1,5 meters: anybody entering this area must make a TS versus wands or flee in panic for 1d6 rounds. The effect is applied only once per person. The potion lasts one hour.

Ring of Ethereity (demonic item) A Succubus is bound in this item. It permits anybody wearing it to become ethereal and back, once a day- The ring is of an azure shiny material, very resistant. It can’t be used on the Astral plane or on any Outer plane.

Ring of Invisibility (demonic item) This ring contains an Erinyes and lets the owner to become invisible at will, once per turn. It also enables see invisible permanently. The ring is made of silver, finely worked.

Shapeshift Amulet (demonic item) It’s a copper pendant, made up of deformed metallic strings. Its owner can Alter Self (as the first level spell) three times a day. A Cambion Major is bound in this item.

Wand of Wall of Ice (demonic item) This item contains a bound Osyluth. The effect is identical to the spell.

Wert’s Tunic This tunic is extremely resistant, and it has a +8 bonus to every ST, besides being immune to fire and acid. It gives CA 8. It’s a light violet tunic, with golden borders and many internal pockets.