My favorite was a rope I gave them that untied itself the moment you let go of the knot. It was pointless, but enough of a novelty that they hung onto it. Another was a chalice that would purify any water you put into it. It was sort of a magical water filter which could turn a glass of swamp sludge into mineral water in about five minutes. Another was a magic staff which had only one property: It could be placed tip-down on the floor and it would keep itself balanced.

===== Herbs & Plants ===== slavic herbs |Magic Quailities of Herbs

/3rdParty/Guide to Herbs for RPGs 5th Edition.txt

/downloads/Flower Powers.pdf

===== Items ===== /netbooks/rpg_bible-weapons.txt | /netbooks/netbook_of_new_weapons_and_equipment.txt | /netbooks/the_great_net_equipment_list.txt | /netbooks/netbook_of_books.txt

/downloads/The Complete Crossbow.pdf | /downloads/blades501.pdf

/convert/Codex Of Arcane, Magical, and Mystical Items

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– 7 league boots - – Ring of seeing somewhere else - Shows area that linked ring/object is in. Provides no special knowledge as to where linked object is. – Air chariots - Chariots using flying creatures not horses. – Rock staff: Spews molten rock (magma) very damaging, also cause fire, used to block passages etc. magma will cool fairly quickly depending on ambient temps.

  • Bury skull under plant, dead owner of skull can be talked with through plant
  • Orc porn!
  • Series of objects ‘foo’ of power! Don’t do nothing. Or maybe they do, hard to tell. Regardless they are items of power!!!
    • Left Boot of power! (must get the set!!!)
    • Hat (nightcap) **of power!((
    • Toering of power!

==== Ideas From Museums ==== * Conch shell drinking glasses * Swan shapped pitchers * Horn cups * Stone cups * Osterich egg pitchers * Stone mosaics * Scabbords with place for sword and dagger

==== Ideas I liked enough to steal from others ==== * Staff of Kayzar * Book of Trade * Fillippos Magic Items * Wooden Bestiary: A complete set of hand-carved miniature beasts of all kinds (dragons, manticore, owlbears, etc). You can place the set in one place, or scatter them to four winds. You can even make them popular collector’s items (ala beanie babies) and everybody wants one. a fad all nobles want em * Humanoid body art: Orcs could be into tattoos in a big way. Now imagine an orcish Michelangelo, who travels around orc tribes spreading his work. Perhaps he could become quite collectible and his works could be valuable when separated from their owners (ouch!). Of course, you would have to be careful not the damage the work when acquiring it. * Cards: In FFVIII (all right, my sources of inspiration are quite limited) there was a card game where you could collect rare cards from defeating bosses or defeating opponents, much like Magic: The Gathering. There was also a card game in the Might & Magic series, but you couldn’t collect the cards there. How about letting the PCs find valuable cards in a treasure trove? Maybe it’s a game only mages play, and other mages would even kill to obtain those cards… * Grishnak’s Thousand Keys: Grishnak, being a borderline OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) orc, loved to collect keys. The walls of his cave are covered in dozens of key rings, all full of keys of all sorts and sizes. Have a good laugh at your player’s expression as you describe the orc’s strange treasure trove. So many keys, so little time. * The masks of Uru: A set of different-colored masks that grant the bearer different kinds of sight such as darkvision/infravision/detect invisibility and such. Collect them all to construct a mask that gives you eternal True sight!
* Portrait of a Famous Deceased Adventurer, as painted by a lesser artist of the day, painted on canvas and mounted in a broad oaken frame.. As a piece of art, it’s worth maybe 200 gp at most. It becomes a lot more valuable if you take it out of its broad oak frame and discover that, on the bottom, the Adventurer is holding a map. This map may be copied and does, in fact, lead to a dungeon. * If the treasure is found in a hoard, you might find them preserved in unlabelled jars with lables scattered about fallen off * “This note entitles the bearer to one wish (signed) Boddle”: This note, which appears valuable or just a scribble on a piece of paper, sent the characters half way accross the country side, finding out who Boddle was and where he could be found. Fortunately, he was a powerful wizard and did grant the wish that was promised on the paper.

===== Intelligent Weapon Personalities ===== ripped from rpg tips

  1. A sweet, naive, pacifistic personality. This is especially appropriate for a non-lethal weapon, such as an enchanted net or lariat–or fittingly ironic for a powerfully enchanted sword.

  2. A power-mad megalomaniac who seems convinced the party is going to do what it wants and makes dire threats if it gets disobeyed. It can’t actually do anything, but having your sword tell you what it intends to do to you for sparing the villagers can be creepy.

  3. The item believes it is a dog. It barks at passing strangers, pants after a long fight, and howls at the moon.

  4. A lazy, apathetic personality that doesn’t want to be bothered. It complains if it gets used.

  5. A weapon that refuses to speak any language the players can understand, but which will talk loudly and at length in foreign tongues.

  6. Steadfastly loyal to an ancient empire, which, it seems, has outlawed just about everything the party likes to do. The item will routinely try to get the party locked up by screaming things like ‘Help! Thief!’ when around guards.

  7. A stalwart, heroic personality that likes to keep morale up, often shouting cheers and encouragement to the wielder. It’s like the annoying sidekick, only without the occasionally useful backup.

  8. A quiet, taciturn personality, who gradually gets used to the party; eventually, while never becoming talkative, the item will defend the party against anyone trying to slander them.

===== All magic items have name and history ===== ==== The Plot-Relevant Item ==== Whenever you’re in the middle of a complex, convoluted, wild, or just plain cool plot that has your players saying “wow!”, consider throwing a plot-relevant item into the mix. The party might be excited to get a trophy to represent the amount of work they put into a plot. Or they might find an item fascinating simply because the plot surrounding it was similarly fascinating. You can use the dramatic build-up to your plot as a dramatic build-up to the item as well.

Think about the plot for a bit. Is there a particular item that you would consider representative of the plot? This might be the disputed item that started the first argument that led to the war, or the lucky charm of the sorcerer who was behind the dastardly plot that the PCs foiled. Find a way to work that item into the unveiling of your plot. Try to make its discovery a bit exciting, dramatic or interesting.

==== The Item Once Owned by Someone Amazing ===== Pepper the background of your world with interesting people. Let your non-player characters (NPCs) have their heroes and their villains as well. Don’t make the PCs the only amazing people to have sprung up in your world. Then allow the occasional item once owned by an ancient hero or someone’s idol to make it into your game.

After all, in real life people go to ridiculous lengths just to get their hands on items once owned by their favorite celebrities. Seed your world with its own celebrities. Wait and see whether your PCs become fascinated by any of them (try to make some them relevant to the hopes and dreams of the PCs). Then introduce an item once owned by such a celebrity. Perhaps it’s a weapon - not incredibly powerful, but at least a little spiffy. Maybe it’s a trinket or amulet of some kind. Perhaps it’s a book or journal, or something else relevant to the person’s life, hobbies, interests, or family.

Add in another little bonus - having such an item might make certain people more favorably disposed toward the PCs. (“You wield the Axe of Kartan? He was a great hero to my people! Sit down and let me tell you some stories…”) If the celebrity in question is still alive, he might be willing to give the PCs an audience and perhaps even do them a small favor if they return his belongings to him.

==== The Historically Relevant Item ===== If your world has an interesting history, with plenty of historical events (wars, famines, dragon-slayings, revolutions, magical cataclysms), then you could introduce an item relevant to the history. What about the magic item once used to end the war - now useless and cracked, but an object of awe nonetheless? What about the sword used to kill the dragon, with traces of its dried blood still caked in the corners about the handle?

Wait to introduce this item until the relevant bits of history have come out during the course of the game - otherwise it’ll be just another sword or amulet. Try to pay attention to which bits of history interest your players and their characters, and play off of those.

==== The Personally Relevant Item ===== Another alternative is the item that is personally relevant to one of the PCs. This could be a family heirloom. It could be something once owned by the PC’s mentor, or some hero of the PC’s profession or tribe. It could be a gift from a beloved family member, or an item the PC once owned years ago that was stolen from him. It could be a symbol of some sort of rank he has attained or some trial he has passed. It could be a trophy representing something amazing he’s done, or a birthday present from a friend.

It helps to wait until the PC has built up some personal relationships before you try to work this one in. These items are much more personal if there’s a close relationship to make them important.

===== Stuff =====

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