This olive leather bound book with ornate carvings into the front and backside has a faint aura of magic surrounding it which can be seen with out casting a detect magic spell.

Upon coming into contact with this book, the players make a save vs./spell at a -3. Those who fail feel compelled to read the book (including those who can’t read it either speaks or shows them moving pictures). At the time of reading, the book will tell each reader a different story, which will then lead up to their trade. Typically the stories read are of those who have had possession of the book at one time or another. The stories always have some trade or negotiation that took place, at this time is when the characters realize that they have lost one thing and gained another.

The trade is completely random and has no value assigned to it. In other words, one may receive 3gld for their 5/5 Holy Avenger or visa versa. The trade can be anything for anything, life for items, items for life (years of life), people, squires, bound demons, etc. anything you can think of.

The book calls to players at a minimum of one time a month, and each time their ability to save is less, however, each time the players read the book, characters become more and more aware of what it is happening and are also made aware of a riddle or enigma (it must be a difficult one, not easily figured out) Once the players solve it, they gain one level of control over the book, they determine which stories to read. The level of access and the riddles become progressively harder until they have total control of the book, however, once this happens they are whisked away into the Realm of Traiydd to spend their lives there as a trade with the realm.

GM’s can use their own ideas to determine what and how to break the curse before party members are either dwindled to nothing or become part of another realm.

There is a table to generate the trades and this should be used only with High Level party members, (it quickly cripples low party members) if you’d like it email me at