EVENTS Event information

* Description
      o What happened 
* Quality:
      o What is nature of event (magical, natural, economical, religious, or whim?)
      o How important is the event? (major, medium, minor) 
* Reason:
      o Why did the event occur? (relates to nature of event)
      o How long ago was the "why"? (ancient, past, recent, now)
      o What is behind the event? (one person, group, organization, nation?) 
* Effect:
      o How many will be affected by the event? (one person, group, organization, nation?)
      o What kind of effect will event have? (relates to nature of event) 

Social Wedding (between whom, arranged?, Increase land holdings?) Birth (who are the parents?) Death Uprising/Revolt/Rebellion/Coup Political unrest/Demonstration/Protest Riots Change in government/union/guild policy or law Traitorous/Treasonous/Spy/Sabotage activities False charges against/Framing of celebrity/political/hero/local Feud (family or otherwise)begins/ends Coup (attempted or successful) Assassination (attempted or successful) Funeral Kidnapping of public/political/local figure Jailbreak/rescue Trial (public or private) Crime wave Travelling Troupe/Bard Message by messenger/post/town crier/town meeting Stranger/traveller arrives/departs/passes through Great performance done or great masterpiece created Heist/Burglary Fight/Duel Smuggling/Contraband Other crimes (rape, extortion, blackmail, bribery, etc.) Trial/Imprisonment/execution Treason or Betrayal Slavery market Coronation Granting of land to someone (knighting?) Removal of land rights Omen/Orcale told about/seen/witnessed Murder Ambassador - sent to, arrives from another land Famous Person (hero, artist, mage, bard, criminal) Injustice done/corrected Recruiting (military, political party, criminal) VIP (political/religious) visit/sent Troop movement (redeployment, military action, drilling) Refugees (depart, arrive) Kidnapping Tournament/Contest Visitation/Avatar of deity appaers Revenge Inquisition/Fanatical behaviour Religion/political/business coalition forms or breaks up Skirmish/battle/war/revolt by peasants/neighbor/army/political/business/ religions pacification/military expedition/explorations - powerful state fights primitive people interventions/reprisals - powerful state fights small state Shift in power within politics/crime/religions Invasion/Raid Archeological find Festival/Fair/Market/Sporting Event Religious celebration/observances

Meterological and other acts of nature Tornado Earthquake Monsoon Hurricane/Typhoon Tidal Wave/Tsunami Drought Dust bowl Dust storm/Sand storm Blizzard Avalanche (mud, rock, or snow) Flood Volcano Eruption Wildfire (natural) Firestorm (natural) Heat wave Cold Spell Lightning strike/storm Bountiful Harvest Becalmed seas Rough seas New land formed (volcanic or earthquake) Food supply changes (poor harvest/poor fishing)

Calamities Fire War Raid Ambush Skirmish Disease outbreak - human, animal, or plant Crop Failure Famine
Incursion Accident (structure collapses (bridge/dam/levee/building) or other) Haunting/Supernatural event Monster/Wild Animal

Astronomical Meteor Shower Comet Lunar Eclipse - partial, complete Solar Eclipse - partial, complete Shooting Star Meteor Strike Planetary Body moving into/out of a constellation (zodiac?) Star nova’s (visible to inhabitants) Conjunction of planets Harvest Moon - full moon closest to autumnal equinox, more light at night to harvest

Business New Construction (Castle/Church/Cathedral/Fortification/Building/aquaduct) Caravan established Promotion (guild member/apprentice->journeyman->master/political) Invention made (but not readily available) Discovery made (theory of electricity, germ theory, etc) New product introduced (spices?, tool) Town founded Town destroyed Guild treaty made/broken Alliance made/broken Treaty made/broken Taxes - increase/decrease/comaprison Bandit/Pirate/Breaker activity New land/item/people discovered/created Taxes levied/reduced/increased/removed Destruction/emergence/bankruptcy of new trading guild Economic depression