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==== Ideas ==== Carnivorous and/or sentient tool using sea cows. Go Manatee!

Mountain orge. hunchback, back looks like cragy peak. Skin looks like stone, bandoller.

==== Carnivorous flying squirrel ==== FREQUENCY: Uncommon PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil X. P. VALUE: 10 + 1/hp NO. APPEARING: 3-18 ARMOR CLASS: 7 MOVE: 9“/15” HIT DICE: 1-1 % IN LAIR: 40% TREASURE TYPE: In lair only; 20% chance for type C, minus coins; see below NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-3 SPECIAL ATTACKS: “Flying” thus gaining surprise on 1-4 on d6 SPECIAL DEFENSES: Nil MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard INTELLIGENCE: Animal ALIGNMENT: Neutral SIZE: S (1’ long)

    Flying squirrels "fly" by the use of loose folds of skin on the inside of
their fore and rear legs. They can only glide, in fact, and cannot gain
altitude once they have jumped. Their range is five feet for every foot of
height they jump from (usually a tree). When flying to the attack, if surprise
is achieved, they make their initial attack as monsters of 2 hit dice.  They
only attack when they have two-to-one or better odds. In their lair (a treetop
nest) can be found gems, jewelry, and other small items that are bright and
shiny. They would never have treasure consisting of armor, shields, most
weapons, potions, or scrolls.

==== Animal Skeletons ==== FREQUENCY: Very rare NO. APPEARING: 2-20 ARMOR CLASS: 8 MOVE: 6” HIT DICE: 1-1 % IN LAIR: 85% TREASURE TYPE: Nil NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-4 SPECIAL ATTACKS: Nil SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to sleep, charm, hold, cold, death magic; half damage from edged weapons MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard INTELLIGENCE: Non- ALIGNMENT: Neutral SIZE: S to M PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil X. P. VALUE: 10 + 1/hp

    Animal skeletons are created from small vertebrates via the spell animate
dead, which produces 1 skeleton per level of the casting cleric or magic-user.
These undead can be turned as a regular skeleton but at +1 in the cleric's
favor, using d6 + 6 to determine the number (7-12) turned or destroyed. The
animals never have any special attack forms they may have had in life. Animals
smaller than squirrels or larger than hyenas cannot become animated skeletons.