Holiday checklist rpgtips 336, 337, others

==== Points ==== - One time(corrinations, elections) or recurring - Have mystery - Create opportunities for interesting encounters. - Have reward: during festival of trolls large bounty is paid for trolls, - Tied to location? locations have unusual and cool circumstances and - Tied to NPC past or present? who are integral to, involved with, or affected by the holiday.

==== Checklist ==== * Holiday name: * Holiday role: Incidental Interaction, Background Flavor, Encounter Foundation, or Adventure Foundation. * Significance: Major, Minor, or Trivial? why does it exist, continue to exist, what purpose?
* Backstory: how did start, noteworthly past instances, what game world effect? * Brief summary: Craft a solid overview, one to three paragraphs, Describe what the holiday is about and note any key points, dependencies, and requirements so you won’t be caught offguard while GMing in the future. * Mood: Pick a specific mood for the holiday and document the reasons for this. * Hook: Note what makes the holiday unique and interesting to the players and their PCs. * Who the Holiday is For: who celebrates, which groups, subgroups, cultures sub-cultures honor holiday * Timeline: The holiday will get firmly established in the campaign timeline, so document the date and length of holiday for future consistency. * Events: names, participants, location, activities, quirks * Costume And Dress: * Food and Drink: * Decoration: * Travel: by whome, where?