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encounter checklist From: John Eikenberry

Setting Up For General Encounters

DO NOT plan endings to encounters, subtly leads to railroading. set up scene, give npc

objectives, let it play out organic from there.

Challenge (combat, social, puzzle or other) + unique element (memorable NPC, fighting on a

rope bridge, etc.) + a way to advance even if the party fails (although perhaps with penalties)

= a successful encounter.

Great RPG monster(encounters) do three things 1) They are a challenge and provide players opportunities to shine and solve a problem. 2) They have a role-playing purpose or plot-related purpose. 3) They trigger an emotional response.

For each encounter: * Write a brief description of the encounter o What is the goal of the encounter (i.e. give information to the players, introduce an NPC) o In the ideal world, how would you as GM like to see the encounter go? o Given the players, what do you expect their reaction to be?

  • When would encounter normally occur? (Day or night? Early, late?)

  • Look at your master timeline to get a feel for power levels, weather, and other factors

  • Write possible reaction scenarios o Will the encounter attack immediately without warning? o Will the encounter challenge the party? o What will the encounter do if the party does nothing? o What will the encounter do if the party attacks?

  • Write an initial description o What do the characters see, hear, or smell immediately?

  • Write a detailed description of what the characters might find out, eventually, from this encounter o Valuables o Names for key NPCs (i.e. leaders of patrols, intelligent creatures, gate guards, merchants) o Notes o Results of searches

  • Be sure to answer the question, why does it do what it

  • does?

  • For objects: o Prepare answers for psychometry analysis o If magic, be ready for divination of type of magic o Detailed description o Special powers (if any)

  • For people: o Initial emotion feeling o Name o Clothing o Weapons o General attitude o Mannerisms o Secrets?

  • For places with knowledge of legends & lore

  • (libraries, sages, etc.) be ready to answer questions on topics of interest to the players o NPCs and people heard about o Objects of interest o Places o Events

Setting Up For Combat Encounters

  • Generate creature stats and weapons o Use random_character generator to get base character or create NPC o Edit through to get appropriate number o Choose primary weapons

  • Determine what they are

  • carrying with them o Food, clothing, money, booty from earlier raids o Special items needed for mission

  • Determine how they would use

  • what they are carrying or why they are carrying the stuff

  • If there is a group of NPCs,

  • plan out group tactics o Missile weapon users will try to stand off at a distance and fire o Stronger fighters might try to outflank

  • Write down the

  • information and store