Highlander dark crystal kind of thing in which powerful heroes are created in duplicate one “black” one “white”

Cats as PCs: saw novel in library magic using putty cats

rpgtips issue #341 idea seeds: campaign design method


Generation / sleeper space ship with crew playing mmorpg to escape insanity. They never wake up and are stuck in mmorpg players must figure out and free. mmorpg things like guilds racial homelands, safe areas, pvp between two factions ala Norse one. Huge, huge ship players lost on it.

Follow on game to mmropg in space one. Players manage to turn off game. Problems develop and they never get to destination and thaw from hibernation.

Thousands years later a few people(players) thaw. Most others are dead. On truly gigantic ship, should be sessions before they figure out it is not a ship.

Everyone has cyroamesia and some mental disease (manic-depressive, delusions, catatonic-narcalepsy, split-personality). Stereotype mental illness, not a game on psychirtry.

Players are sci-fi race on primitive world. Set themselves up as gods. “any sufficiently advanced tech == magic”

Metropolis like world, one huge city. * Zone-1: “underground” bit of 2nd gen city, undesirables * Zone-2: old original city, power sewage * City: the city proper “above ground” although all of city is underground

Stone age Apocalypse

Bio-engineered “neutron” bacteria suppose to destroy equipment end up eating all refined metals.

  • chaos
  • humanity left into stone age