Possible PC/NPC

Good friend/lover of Vicktor german crossbow small ivory n steel doesn’t wear out murder haunts you fg th fem

Priest 1 true god going norvosk to get orders from bishop deliver

Scoundrel th fg has good fast horse mishka luck streak big plans fail always evade misshap better life on other side at least no one knows you

Merchant - stone of comfort running from crime lord for lost shipment

Hired guard of merchant - cursed sword has spirits of family in it. running from guilt of killed daughter/wife merchant has no money

Sorcerer apprentice - use health to cast spells masters journal (part of) very taxing and dangerous to read Magic doll set can only be used largest first, powers unknown each doll differnent this one made about 100 years ago during reign of the last tzar twofaced doll (slight smile/ - brings henchman who will betray old woman - summons local soul, answers three questions royal sleigh - perm magic item tzars servent - cleans works one day, will retrive one raw material tzars guard - tzars soilder - fight for you tzars aide - will talk all night on one subject providing good knowledge of it tzars general - chess game Your master apprent to the last Tzars court wizard. Your master defeated by Shin Tsu the undying aka lord of the Lake The Lake is huge inland sea. Shin Tsu steals souls for power and your vows of servitude and obedience to master are partly transfered. So you are getting as far away as possible Bad dreams of Shin Tsu.

SHIN TSU Shin Tsu, tattooed Lord of The Lake killed last Tzar hunted down his servants and family. he found a great artifact the sceptor of ages his future self admonished him because he missed one and they are his downfall. So he hunts these types and agents due as well.

LUGOR / water demona / Vodonoi - possibly same or different or aspects of curse - one not know other, think allies, one saveable - evil wizard that drowned rusalka - caused dead zone to be created - cursed water wizard - water snake demon form

BABA YAGA grandma boney-shanks Baba Yaga is looking for powerfull waylines and magic nodes to defeat Shin Tsu eventualy helps vs LUGOR -iron teeth Encounters -hut runs past, baba curses them “soldiers and merchants clogging up roads, at least peasents still have sense enough to stay indoors” “scatter fools or be ground to mud” -hut dancing on barren hill siloetted by moon -hut scratching ground, looking for something (waylines) -hut fighting watersnake demon, getting worse end of fight. sun breaks through clouds dries up demon flees hug flees -encamped with fence and grave yard -wake up from dream in the graveyard -hut/inn gets up and walks off if characters don’t stay

PLOT: Fleeing (various reasons) players cross the WinterSpite Mtns to less settled lands and the large city Norvosk am Luga via various villages along the way.
Cros Merchant’s folly pass late in season, last caravan. Big blizzard, when breaks attacked by giant snowball throwing frost giants. Flee for their lives, on horses, loss wagaons, food much supply. Several npc’s don’t make it. Cross small creak at ford Enter dead zone loose horses more equipment all food loose trail fleeing from something one night starving, freezing find empty but lived in cabin Fight; rusalka, river demon, evil wizard

dark cold rainy night moon comes over pass through clouds look back, reflect then all horses scare cause girl in wet gowns is standing in trail, it is rusalka

Thoughts on running as improv campaign -loose much equipment food in pass disaster -loose horses much else if/when flee encrouching clearing -creek back towards pass uncrossable, cold sapping strength water, ice that bludgeons and stabs, swift and swollen

SCARY some monster snoworcs giants terrorizing, nearly killed pc’s later found dead mutilated drowned, stuffed into natural damn of river

NIGHT ENCOUNTERS - rusulka off on distance, close, drawing males away - rusulka with man, lovers, he throws her down. go there spot is wet and muddy - clearing starts 40’r, 20’r, moon with leafless branch directly overhead encroching trees - water spring erupts dousing fire, drowned people try to drag players under, water paralyzes - men-at-arms murdered while at guard, collecting wood, food, scoutting, found drowned.

OTHER ENCOUNTERS - abandoned cabin/bathhouse of friendly wizard - encounter with Shin Tsu, paralyzing fog, asian barge up river, weird time distortions - npc drawn away by rusalka