Game takes place on an artificial satellite in orbit around Mars. It was stocked with genetic codes and habitats as sort of bio-insurance. Satellite is a generation ship. It was sent on massive elliptical orbit designed to pass through inner solar system every 1000 years. If ship detected little radio traffic other intelligent activity it assumes Earth is “dead” and setups up terraforming equipment on some moon/planet and comes back in 1000 years. Earth nuked itself, ARC laid down it’s terraforming but error caused the orbit to increase to 8000 years plus mutations.

Species: Neohumans -

Mutated Humans -

Aquamen -

Barn Animals -

Micemen -

Wasps -

Monarchs - butterfiles

Greens - photosynth plants

Tuxors - penguin race Worship the dark combinator, try to achive root, 3 rulers (lt esr rms)?

Elephant Heads - heads of pachyderms

Militant bunnies - sort of like ami in viet nam have some machine that makes small arms bunnies with m-16 m-205 patrols bunny holes and vegetable gardens protected by sandbags, bunkers, clamore mines, trip wire flares complex tunnel network, deep center is small-arms machine

Mole People - foe of bunnies patrol and raid surrounding lands/folks, badgers, beavers

Neo-lopes - are antelopes

Factions: - ranchers - former crew - crabpeople in seazone - some meglomaniacal android - the ship (security, maint, medical) - pures, full humans but ignorant of ‘ship’ - the bees, rulers of the black forest meadows - the ants, arch nemesis of the bees - the chosen, livestock - United vegetable army, terroist plants - Freethinkers rebel robots and organics - Orthus, The whale

name of ‘world’ is corrupted ship name like vger

Levels: these 2 are above bellow so the alpine can soar up the coastline of deep sea -Deep sea / Coast -Mnt valley / Alpine –underground cave system in alpine -plains, scrub land (kenya) -redwood / freshwater -mangrove swamp / jungle -high desert / dune desert -farmland / urban / ranch -deciduous (blackforest) river

1 - Savannah / farm-ranch 2 - Arctic / water fjords ice glacier / tundra / alpine 3 - Pacific NW / deep ocean / shelf ocean and islands / pine 4 - Desert / mtns / high desert plateaus 5 - Temperate / lake 6 - Tropical rain forest / low land mtn / river


-blind, but have growing powers to compensate, gui is blank cept for weird prescience –Clarievoyance/vayenas: pick spot can see hear what is going on at that spot, higher levels means more distance, more time, better vision, can move POV –mind reading: can see players/NPC’s chat screen and actions –telepathy: can project text onto players chat screen –mindblock: prevents telepathy, mind reading, other mental mutations/attacks –see/hear: through others -steal skill: like xman -transformation: stats, size, appearance -growth, shrink, density -remote action: any skill at distance -split personality -dual mind -dual head/body: 2 players some character - talk - extra limb - bipedal /quadruped - super smart / dumb - super strong / dumb - super quick / dumb - super smell / hear/ taste/ sight - photosynth - chameleon - doppleganger - poison bite cloud - flight - elect manipulate - ray beam eyes