//“Let The Empire shine from a million points of light.” – Emperor Alexous//

Million Points of Light (MPOL) is a science fiction setting to contain several games. A traditional paper rpg, a mmp strategic economic/political/war game, mmp space combat/trade sim, and possibly MercCo (which wasn’t created with this setting in mind and might not fit well).

Emperors rule for a thousand years. Kept alive through science and multiple clones they are guranteed rule under the condition that they retire after 1,000 years, not one day more. Due to Emporer’s immunity from the Dukes (inablility to be assasinated and superior military / political / economic power), fighting amongst Dukes (facilitated by the Emperorer), and the general lack of interest the Dukes have seizing the throne (both due penalties and likelyhood of failure and cause several Dukes have ruled for much longer than a 1000 years and consider the throne and step down in actual power the Galactic Throne has endured through seventeen previous occupants.

During the 93rd year of his 1st century Alexous first encountered the race latter known as the Boz. By Alex:212 the technically inferior Boz had been erradicted from known space. For his Quartorial Address he called apon The Empire to shine from a million points of light. Referring to expanding the Empire from its current size of about 100,000 systems tenfold to 1,000,000 systems. 1 out of 10 systems on average have a body capable of supporting life at some level and are considered inhabital. The others are worthwhile for some economic, military, or scientific reason. For every system in the Empire there are 1-200 stars of no value and not even counted. So the “goal” is to occupy 100,000,000 to 200,000,000 stars. Or, .05-.1% of the Milkyway. Our galaxy is large.

==== The Empire on Alex:250 ==== ~10,000 inhabited systems, ~87,000 other (reasearch, mining, strategic, etc.) systems. * 7200 7 Dukedoms of between 800-1100 systems each. * 600 5 independent Counties of between 90-160 systems each. * 260 the Zanni Protectorate, alien race controlling a few thousand systems before they were beat down to 260 and forced into Emperial protectorship several emperor’s ago. * 680 independent systems, various grants and protectorites of the Empire, e.g. most major religions have had 1 or more planets/systems bestowed to them at one time or another. * 340 systems are “Emperial” lands, various retreats, palaces, Emperor’s home planet, etc. directly “owned” by the Emperor. 150 are grouped together “Emperial County”, a few smaller groups exist the rest are scattered throughout The Empire. * 920 systems support The Empire. Mostly military, but other bueracracys, research, penal, etc. A core of about 400 surround the Galactic Throne the rest are spread throughout The Empire often were Dukes would least like to have them.

Communications idea: quark boxes, any distance point to point, no interception no time delay(except in practice there is due to packet network topology). results in packet switched network of hubs and relays. hubs have thousands of boxes and hundreds to other hubs in network A smallish ship would have several boxes connecting it to several different hubs. A warship would have boxes connecting it to all ships in fleets, several bases, several to region hq

Movement idea: Gravity drive limited to C=mc2 and used in system

Intersteller: must travel from near gravwell to near gravwell must know exact parameters of gravwell easier to arrive farily far from grav well micro jumps within gravwell are hard but doable time to travel is somewhat arbitary process is to unfold into various dimension move fold back upto 4d takes lots of data and time to calculate parameters function of travel is safety, calc time, travel time and/or travel distance