like EQ massivly multiplayer

perhaps not in mobius karma and reincarnation mix of mmorpg and /. with they die they come back “weaker” or “stronger” based on their karma players vote peeps up down with a set number of points

alice - computer uses alice + backends - can call up - will providee info options spellcheck - generated voice - show as face 2d billboard - i’m bored zaps them a guttenberg teleports them to a zoo

geography - hispeed lane down middle - The Law at enge of world towering 3d letters - Public Focii - Park nice wide open spaces - Zoo user creations - Library - Art museum user creations - jail - thing ring - focii - contstruction expands around focii - max focii = population / 10 - after major cties - SF, NY, Paris, London, Moscow, Berlin, Tokyo, Bejing - nodes - are enterable areas - realestate - shops,clubs - homes

politics - Thing - Thing Fool host for thing -organization - guilds - collect dues - have offices - pay salies

economy -each player can choose to build something - get a factory that produces a commodity - total types of commdities are limited - -30playes can make common obj, only 1 make rare

denziens - very customizable color, shape, sound - have age - age is played time - detail of avatar based on age - limited by real time - a punishment giving neg time - cannot talk until certain age reached - have skills - go up with use - down with inactivity - have pets, agents bots - have vehicles - have various objects - can add their own nodes - can run on other servers

jack in - can opt to start in home - can opt to start at any focus

-replicators - will make many items for money