Common Man: The collection of racial types peopling the kingdoms of men. No modifiers or pre-requisites.

Dunedain: Descendants of the Numenorians; tall, dark haired men with a lordly bearing. Most now live as rangers in the former kingdom of Arnor. Many dunedain possess subtle magical abilities, such as healing and divination, perhaps due to the frequent mingling of their bloodlines with elves.

Hobbit: A rustic, portly race with nimble fingers and a love for song, food and drink. Hobbits generally avoid adventures and their attendant discomforts, but when riled can do the most extraordinary things.

Dwarf: A short, stocky, hirsute people possessed of a mercurial and often surly disposition. Accomplished miners and creators of wonderful objects. Ancient foes of almost every other people with whom they come in regular contact.

Elf: The first-born people of middle earth, elves have a special connection to the natural world, spirits and the gods. Strong willed but temperamental, prone to melancholy and easily discouraged. Typically beautiful, tall, thin and elegant in appearance, voice and movement. Elves violently hate all servants of the enemy, have ancient enmity with dwarves, and are suspicious of and avoid men. So, they spend a lot of time alone at parties.

Dunedain Healer Dunedain Ranger Comman Warrior Dwarf Warrior Elf Warrior Elf Healer Hobbit (burglar)


Beasts (Wisdom): The character can command and call on natural, non-thinking creatures. Plants (Wisdom): Spells that command living trees, grasses and other plants, causing them to bend, twist and animate or to commune with their mysterious spirits. Weather (Wisdom): Spells that control the spirits of natural rains and storms. - Speak with Animals - Animal Friendship

Charms (Charisma): Spells that influence the attitudes and emotions of other thinking beings. - Charm Person - Hold person - Sleep

Counter Spells (Intelligence): The character has learned to perform counter spells to negate the spells of other sorcerers. This is a special magical ability; rather than provide access to specific spells, the character is presumed to know a wide range of incantations that negate or fend off the influences of other spells. See chapters IX for details. In general, casters may perform counter spells to prevent or negate the effects of any spell cast at a level equal to or less than their character level.

Divination (Wisdom): The character can read the stars and other auguries to tell the future or perceive things that are obscured by distance or concealment. - Detect Magic - Read Magic / Languages - Detect Chaos - Detect Invisibility - Locate Object - Find Traps

Elvish Gift (Wisdom): Any elf is potentially capable of performing certain relatively subtle acts of magic by virtue of their close spiritual connection to Valinor. Any elf possessing this ability is able to attempt any relevant spell having a spell level equal to or lower than their character level. - Animal Friendship - Detect Chaos - Pass without trace - ESP

Enchantment (Intelligence): The character is capable of spells that imbue objects with magical powers – often permanently.

Illusions (Intelligence): Spells that change the perceptions of others, creating visions, sounds and sensations according to the caster’s whim. - Invisibility - Phantasmal Force

Fire (Intelligence): Spells that command the spirits of fire, calling forth or banishing flame, igniting natural objects, or hurling sorcerous fire. - Light - Resist Fire

Healing (Wisdom): Mastery of herbs, songs and chants that can heal physical and spiritual injury and sickness. - Cure Wounds - Purify Food and Drink - Cure Disease

Light of Valinor (Wisdom): The magician is capable of calling on the power of Valinor to create light that will push back natural darkness and repel the forces of the Enemy. This light may be literal visual illumination or a spiritual presence or force (or both). Protection (Intelligence): Spells of warding and enchantments to fend off attacks and natural and supernatural threats. - Bless - Light - Detect Chaos - Detect Invisibility - Protection from Chaos - Purify Food and Drink - Remove Curse

Sorcery (Intelligence): Spells that bend, break or twist inanimate things, call forth forces that act on living beings, and otherwise bend the physical world to the caster’s will. Such spells can be used for good (e.g., opening a locked gate) or evil (crushing a foe’s bones). - Hold Portal - Magic Missile - Knock - Levitate - Web - Wizrd Lock

Necromancy (Charisma): Command of and communion with the spirits of the dead. Most practitioners of this power are steeped in evil and slaves to Sauron’s will. However, some powers of light have skill in necromancy as a means of combating the Enemy.

The five common currencies are copper farthings (f), silver pence (p), silver shillings (s), gold crowns (c) and gold marks (m). These are interchangeable at the following rates: 1 m = 6 c = 120 s = 1440 p = 5760 f i.e., 1 crown = 20 shillings; 1 shilling = 12 pence; and 1 pence = 4 farthings.

Agate: 2d6 p Amber 3d6 p Amethyst 2d6 s Beryl 3d6 s Coral 1d6 p Diamond 3d6 m Emerald 3d6 c Jade 2d6 c Jet 1d6 c Opal 2d6 p Pearl 1d6 c Ruby 3d6 c Safire 2d6 c

Balanced: a skilled user of this weapon may elect to perform a parry/riposte action (see Chapter VI). Charge: +2 damage when used to deliver a charge attack Crushing: +1 to-hit vs. mail and plate armor Hacking: +1 to-hit roll vs. shields Large: +1 to-hit vs. all armors Reach: +2 to initiative in melee combat Thrown: A hand weapon that can also be used in a thrown attack

Grey Haven Elves leader Círdan, Lindon Elves. “Land of Singers” Easterling “Wainriders” ride wagons Middle Men Rohirrim Dalemen Breemen Others Dunlendings Bree men Bree hobbits Banks, Brockhouse, Longholes, Mugwort, Sandheaver, Tunnelly and Underhill. Shire hobbits Tooks Bucklander hobbits Brandybuck

Seven clans of Dwarf “Khazad“ Resistant fire, immune disease Longbeards, Durin’s Folk, originally from Gundabad. Iron hills Blue mtn Firebeards and Broadbeams, originally from Mt. Dolmed. Blue Mtn Ironfists and Stiffbeards, originated in the East. Blacklocks and Stonefoots, originated in the East.

Goblin 1/2-> orc Orc 1hd -> orc Hob/gnoll 2hd +2 morale-> Uruk-hai endure the Sun. Ogre 4hd +2dmg -> Hill Troll Troll 6+3hd +2dmg -> Cave Troll Moria huge size with a skin of dark green scales, and flat, toeless feet. Troll 6+3hd +2dmg -> Stone Troll speak west westron like ones found by bilbo Troll 6+3hd +2dmg -> Olog-hai very intelligent and able to endure the Sun. Warhammers black dark grey red eyes Troll 6+3hd +2dmg -> Snow Troll turn to ice in sun Giant 8+2hd 2d6dmg -> Mtn Troll larger than hill Roc -> G. Eagle Wight 4hd Skeletons 1/2hd Wolf Warg Bear Boar Spider Insect Swarm Werebear Crow swarm Snakes (south)

TA 1981 Fall of Moria Khazad-dum TA 2475 Fall of Osgiliath Uruk-Hai first spotting TA 2570-2589 War of the Dwarves and Dragons TA 2747 Battle of Greenfields Orcs and Hobbits in Shire TA 2758 Long Winter TA 2770 Smaug sacks Erebor TA 2790 Death of King Thror TA 2793 Start of WotdaO TA 2799 Orc Dwarf War ended with Battle of Azanulbizar TA 2802 Dwarves establsh Thorin’s Halls TA 2855 Haradrim attack gondor Crossings od Poros TA 2911 Fell Winter TA 2941 Attack on Dol Guldur by White Council TA 2941 Battle of Five Armies TA 2941 Restoration of Erebor TA 2944 Establish Kingdom of Dale TA 2989 Balin left Lonely Mountain to establish colony in Moria TA 2994 Orcs wiped out Balin TA 3018 War of the Ring TA 3019 Battle of Dale Ered Luin “Blue Mountains” Dwarves, east side of mtn. Long Beards Firebeards and Broadbeams Thráin II and his son Thorin Erid Nimrais “White Mountains”

King Thror of Longbeards killed by Orc Azon in WotdaO North Forodwaith Carn Dum Orcs Dragon Wolves Snow Troll Northern Waste Gundabad Orcs Dragon Wolves Snow Troll Desolate Area Iron Hill Dwarves Longbeards Dain Ironfoot Wolves Snow Troll

Arnor Gundabad Orcs Carn Dum Orcs Wolves Hill Troll Rhudaur Wolves Hill Trolls Rivendell Elves Gundabad Orcs Misty Mtn Orcs

Breeland Ranger Men Hobbits Bree Men The Shire Bounders Border guards Shirrifs feather in hat Shire Hobbits Grey Haven Elves Ranger Men Bree Men Harlidon Dwarves Ered Luin Lindon Elves Forochel Wolves Forlindon Dwarves Ered Luin Lindon Elves Minhiraiath Dundelings Wolves Eregion Rivendell Elves Moria Orcs Hill Trolls Dundelings Wolves Dunland Dundlendings Hand Orcs Dwarves Wolves Enedwaith Dundelings Wolves Druwaith Iaur Druadan Woses

GONDOR Anfalas Gondormen Lamedon Gondormen Belfalas Gondormen Lebenin Gondormen Anorien Balchoth dead “Wainriders” wiped out Pukel-Men Woses Gondormen Rohirrim Dead Marshees North Ithilien Balchoth dead “Wainriders” wiped out Gondormen Mordor Orcs Dead Marshees South Ithilien Gondormen Mordor Orcs

Moria Cave Trolls Balrog Moria Orcs Dimrill Dale Wolves Lorien Sindar Moria Orcs Lothlorien Lorien Sindar Fangorn Lorien Sindar Ent

Rhovanion Mirkwood Wolves Sindar Spiders Orcs Dol Guldur Olog-hai

Brown Lands Easterlings Wolves The Wild Easterlings Ered Lithhui Easterlings Mordor Orcs Rhun Easterlings Esgaroth Wolves Dale Men Durin Dwarves Easterlings Sindar

Rohan Rohirrim East Emnet Rohirrim Isengard

Harondor Haradim Khand Variags Far Harad Haradrim Mumakil half troll black skin Near Harad Haradrim Mumakil Umbar Corsairs Black Numenoreans

Nurn Mordor Orcs Olog-hai Gorgoroth Mordor Orcs Olog-hai