Run a Mercenary company

Different beginnings ex military ex corp ex gov who is ousted/failed coup bozo who inherits lots of money biz man with investors crim/gang leader pirate (has own ships) give various benefits contacts, assets, reputation

Personnel loyalty payment to widows, retirement, golden parachutes skill, training,schools individual tracking for specialists,nco’s and off several types of squads each with generic type of people i.e. squad lt sqaud hv grunt hv grunt grunt support weap grunt hv grunt sergeant corp medical comm support weapon then you assign weapon packages to squads you can make own packages or buy pre made ones bonuses for keeping squads, units cohesive types grunts, hvy weapon dudes,snipers,mobile,assault eng, medics, comm spec, recon, commando,demo expert construct, clerks, drivers, pilots, cargohandler various techs have temp, placement, and headhunter orgs

various home bases taxes,laws,safety,resources

clients are governments, cities, corps,wealthy dudes,other Co’s longterm and shortterm contracts, pilotsSFRL

operate mostly from data console that has all apps accounting contract writer unit mngt, asset mngt email, video mail, comm, ordering supplies research control battlefield have inventory, balance sheet,assets,costs,revenue, maintenance costs allow extended warranties and upgrade life insurance, cloning look up eq, historical, business, gov personnel data contract negotiations with clients and personnel buy lease rent, sell/buy used, salvage subcontract, partner organize unit formations and equipment probs with maint diverse eq attempts to unionize your employees competitive bids with other Co’s human or computer get junk adds, online catalogs, ordering trade news hire consultants, transport agencies buy info hire spies

Equipment guns personal eq medical,CBR,armor, support weapons, MG,RPG, artil APC tanks storage,housing, hospital, comm, command, maint, bldings aircraft comm, jamming, survey, stealth

Players creation 0 means no points may be spent on that

-Ex marine/army –Neg 0 –Ldr 2 –Log –GT 1 –ST 0 –GS 1 –SS 0 Pts low Mil mid Biz nil Trans nil Cash min Special has XO has core squad

-Ex Navy –Neg 0 –Ldr 2 –Log –GT 0 –ST 1 –GS 0 –SS 1 Pts mid Mil mid Biz nil Trans low Cash mid Special has XO

-Business man –Neg 3 –Ldr 2 –Log 2 –GT 0 –ST 0 –GS 0 –SS 0 Pts low Mil nil Biz high Trans nil Cash mucho Special

-Free Trader –Neg 1 –Ldr –Log –GTSTGS 0 –SS 0 Pts lots Mil nil Biz nil Trans low Cash low Special has ship can buy many with points

STATS/RATINGS -Biz credit / respect on wall street -Mil rating how bad ass you are how often you meet contracts -Transpo how often you meet your deliveries/have insurance start at ?? until 10 transpos then get D +1 level for full insurance 1 pt per transpo -10 for late/fail with insurance -100 for failure without insurance +1 level 10 100 1000 10000 100000 1000000 D, C, B, A, AAAAA

SKILLS -Negotiation -Leadership -Logistics -Ground Tactics -Space Tactics -Ground Strat -Space Strat

Singler player version in the million points of light universe

  • all on one planet/system
  • like xcom
  • mostl urban/indowr wo long range hi-tech weap/eq not an issue
  • non-leathal weapons
  • “crowd control” a mission govenor wants riot for excuse to crack down uses players mercs as scape goat not allowed to disperse crowd goal is players to fil gov’s plot gov agents throw attack with weapons spy bot scans around crowd zooms in on face reveals who threw what