Cyberpunk replacing technology with magic * high-magic * wizards replace corporations * failing kingdoms == failing nation states * cyberspace = dream/spirit world (pushing metaphors) * practitioners can manipulate magic but not create it like wizards, fill in for net jockeys. Following lay lines. * life is cheap and most people aren’t “better off” despite all magic that is avail

Wizards almost never interact directly with each other, too much risk to take permanent damage. Instead the manipulate / work through practitioners, monsters, cults, kingdoms, etc.

Weaker wizards but still strong grouped together. They are not as strong as the wizards but in a way they are stronger cause they can risk real wizards to archive their goals they are willing to and have sacrificed wizards to compete.

Compete over ley lines/arcane research/having most slaves/lives/mana

Lots and lots of relatively cheap magic devices the masses “slave” to obtain.