Sci-fi campaign in which action takes place on a rag-tag fleet of ships without home which roams around.

===== Rules ===== ==== Professions ==== * scavenger: spread out from fleet to get materials. * militia: larger council ships have marines. Many are past military. * tech: * pilot:

===== Antagonists ===== * What/who ever responsible for destroying fleets home world(s) * Slavers (outside) * Lack of supplies / food * Pirates / ex-pirates in fleet * Council Guards or just Guards. Fleet wide police, enforce councils will. * Military

===== Factions ===== ==== The Council ==== Civilian government - 1 representative from each ship(several from planetoid)

=== Ships of the Council === Despite that technically there are only 2 parts to the fleet, civilian and military the Merchant League and Pirate factions actually controll several of these ships.

++ ‘Constable’ - Systems monitor, size of light cruiser. Not designed for deep space or extended travel. Ex-planetary defense(aka militia) ship.

++ ‘Enforcer’ - Customs cutter, ex-police. Very small, minimal weapons.

++ ‘Justicar’ - Customs cutter, ex-police. Very small, minimal weapons.

++ ‘Defender’ - Customs cutter, ex-police. Very small, minimal weapons.

++ ‘Starseed’ - aux-carrier/tender (ex)pirate ship largest ship of pirate faction.

++ ‘Protector’ - aux-carrier converted from bulk cargo ship.

++ ‘Planetoid’ - Converted asteroid with engines, etc. Largest ship of fleet. Has docks for the military(including hangers for a bunch of fighters) but rest of planetoid is councils. 1/3 to 1/2 of total population lives here. Several hulks are permanently docked/crashed.

++ ‘Lucky Star’ - Casino / pleasure ship.

++ ‘Void Rider’ - Private.

++ ‘Jail’ - prison ship, converted container transporter.

++ ‘Ladyhawk’ - smaller private, old, ill-maintained yacht crammed packed with people.

++ ‘Sanoran’ - Luxury liner, now upper class housing.

++ barges - Various towed boxes and platforms. Lots of factories, lots of poor/slum residences.

++ A dozen free traders of various sizes.

++ More - tugs, container ships, bulk ore transports

==== Military ==== Remnants of Task Force Julie, plus other assorted survivors. Independent but nominally under “control” of The Council.

=== Ships of the Military ===

++ ‘Potemkin’ - Starnaught, the flagship of the military. 2nd largest ship. Docks several smaller craft of shuttle to cutter size and many fighters.

++ ‘Hammer’ - PCC(Plasma Cannon Cruiser), a heavy fire support ship. Designed to operate in a large fleet with several dedicated escorts. In the current situation bringing its devastating firepower to bear is quite a tactical challenge.

++ ‘Saber’ - Badly damaged missile cruiser. Few of its launchers are operational still it is 4th most powerful ship in the fleet. And it is large and provides living and storage space.

++ ‘Wilde’ - Escort carrier, overloaded with fighters and other attack craft.

++ ‘Jaguar’ - Escort frigate.

++ ‘Valkrie’ - Medical ship. The best facilities in the fleet.

++ ‘Jimmez’ - Bulk liquid transport ship. Carries about 1/2 of entire fleets water reserves.

++ ‘Zacharia’ - Bulk liquid transport ship. Empty, contains secret military stuff.

++ ‘Parks’ - Ammo resupply ship. Supply ship for a “wing” of missile cruisers. Mostly empty, lots of military barracks now.

++ Over abundance of fighters and other attack craft, many on Planetoid.

==== Merchant League ==== Group within Council mostly rich type folks.

==== Ex-pirates ====

Not trusted generally. This group is more in the imagination than reality. There are ex-pirates and currently unscrupulous people in the fleet. But, they aren’t so unified.

==== Poor / Workers ====

Generally ignored and used/abused. But the occasionally organize a protest or strike.